AT&I Security Systems Announces Partnership With Broward County Sherriff's Department

AT&I Becomes a Member of the Sheriff's Departments Real Time Crime Center to Protect Communities

AT&I Security Systems, a local security business serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties for over 25 years, announced that it was joining the Broward Sheriff's Departments Real Time Crime Center, or RTCC. This partnership allows RTCC detectives to guide first responders to the threat, providing up-to-the-moment information about what is occurring.

The RTCC program has a select group of security companies that work alongside law enforcement to respond to community security threats. If a household, community or house of worship opts into the program, the RTCC will be linked directly to dispatch. This enables responding units to respond quickly and take the appropriate action, as well as send the appropriate number of units to assist. Depending on the type of threat, a call for help will automatically activate and alert the RTCC, geomapping the call.

AT&I Security Systems was one of 11 security companies selected for the honor of participating in the RTCC. "Security systems ensure business and community safety," said Oscar Weinberg, founder and owner of AT&I Security Systems. "We're honored to be working with the Sheriff's Department to enable first responders to respond quickly and accurately to security concerns."

About AT&I Security Systems

AT&I Security Systems has served Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties since 1995. AT&I specializes in gate servicing, access control and video surveillance. A local provider of cutting-edge security solutions, AT&I Systems has served commercial businesses, financial institutions, homeowners associations, and multi-family residential housing facilities in South Florida for nearly three decades.

Source: AT&I Security Systems