At Farm Progress Show, Midwest Farmers Experienced Augmenta's Newest and Affordable Precision Ag Solution

The new Augmenta Mantis enables farmers to benefit from affordable and efficient input optimization services.

Regardless of the size of the operation, all farms are affected by skyrocketing input prices, the volatile nature of global agriculture supply, and the deteriorating soil and water resources. During a historical period of market uncertainty, Augmenta offers a frictionless and affordable input optimization solution, through Augmenta Mantis and Augmenta LIVE VRA services. 

Augmenta Mantis, a computer vision-based ag tool, is easy to install in most equipment found in North America. Mantis combines state-of-the-art computer vision, artificial intelligence, and agronomic algorithms, and through LiveVra Services, it provides an average of 10% of savings on inputs. This has allowed customers to save on their input usage and secure or even increase their yield potential while enjoying the benefits of sustainable farming. 

"The Augmenta solution is really easy for the farmer to use, without any sort of prior special knowledge. We are empowering farmers to produce smarter with fewer inputs," said Jim Evangelopoulos, Co-founder of Augmenta. 

In addition to the above, Augmenta users can benefit from the seamless integration into their existing systems, equipment, and farming practices to maximize efficiency. 

About Augmenta

Frustrated by the inefficiencies of traditional farming methods and the impracticalities of precision tools, Co-founders Dimitris Evangelopoulos and George Varvarelis combined their academic training in electronics with farming backgrounds to find a solution. They set up Augmenta in 2016 and set out to prove to the world that through optimization, not only is better sustainability possible, but farmers, irrespective of the size of their operations, can reap substantial financial rewards.

The Augmenta System - the world's first real-time, camera and AI-based VRA hardware platform. It is easy to install on all of the most common farming equipment and supports a full range of operational analytics, reports, and fleet management tools through the Augmenta Web Portal.

The creation of the Augmenta System is the manifestation of years of hard work, exhaustive testing, and sustained effort undertaken so as to make that aspiration a reality. It has been awarded EIMA's First Prize for 'Technological Innovation' and the 'Outstanding Agricultural Aspects Blue Award' for 2020/21.

So far, Augmenta has raised more than $11m in venture capital funding to bring sustainable precision automation to farmers (including from big players like CNHi). Commercially available in Europe, CIS, North, and South America, and Australia. 

The Augmenta Team currently comprises +50 members, all with high-level academic backgrounds and specializations with the commercial and technical know-how to make innovative agricultural ideas a reality. Their mission is to 'augment' the capacity of arable land so as to help feed a growing world sustainably. Through the optimization of critical farming operations made possible by Augmenta's technology, the chemical load in soils, input costs, and operational inefficiencies are reduced, while improving the quality of produce and profitability.

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Source: Augmenta AgTech