Astreas Delivers Cognitive-Boosting Chocolate Truffles to International Space Station


Astreas, a start-up focused on enhancing human performance through functional food for astronauts and elite performers, has successfully delivered its brain-boosting chocolate truffles to the International Space Station, with SpaceX Crew-8's launch on March 4th, 2024.

Astreas Spheres were dispatched to the ISS Expedition 71 crew as part of Astreas' efforts to help improve astronauts' cognitive and physical performance in space, underscoring their dedication to refining its offerings through continuous innovation. Astreas will fine-tune its products' flavor and nutritional value, by engaging with the astronauts to help meet their missions' intense physical and cognitive demands.

Through the support of the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences, Astreas originally travelled to the edge of space, accompanying Kellie Gerardi on Virgin Galactic Research Flight VG-5 in November, 2023. They aim to support future moon missions and provide nutritional countermeasures for an eventual mission to Mars. This feedback loop will guide Astreas' product development and enhance its collaborations, aiming to serve high-performance athletes, explorers and professionals worldwide by applying the unique insights gained from the astronauts' experiences in space.

"We are thrilled to share Astreas chocolate spheres with the ISS crew as part of one of the crewmember’s personal preference food items. Our team has been working hard to demonstrate the nutritional and performance value of Astreas' chocolate spheres, and we’ve received incredibly positive feedback from many elite performers, from astronauts to surgeons, and competitive athletes to gamers," said Shahreen Reza, CEO and Founder at Astreas. "Looking ahead, Astreas will continue to iterate on the feedback we receive, and launch our chocolate spheres across high-performance centers all over the United States."

"With a growing number of human space missions, we are excited about the progress of Astreas' team in their mission to create a healthier experience for both astronauts and high-performance athletes," said Rory McLoughney, CEO at RPM Power, an early investor in the company. "Astreas' successful entry into orbit is a major step forward, and we're committed to supporting their team's innovation in developing food products that positively impact the health and well-being of high performers around the world."

"Astreas not only tastes amazing, it delivers a wonderful boost of energy and mental clarity without the jitters and transient benefits of a high-caffeine energy drink. I'm confident Astreas will help my colleagues perform at their best while providing them a healthy treat to look forward to," said Scott Parazynski, MD, former NASA Astronaut and Astreas COO. 

About Astreas 

Astreas enhances human performance with functional nutrition. Traditionally, functional foods and beverages have had limited categories. Astreas innovates by augmenting the classic chocolate truffle with new functionalities that enhance human performance in space. Their motto, "Designed for Astronauts, Optimized for the Elite Performer in All of Us," reflects their moonshot beginnings. Astreas stands at the pinnacle of “out-of-this-world” functional snacking to serve the global market of active and health-conscious consumers seeking to elevate cognitive and physical performance.   

Source: Astreas

About Astreas