ASTA-USA Translation Services Offers Discount to Entities Aiding Conflict-Affected Populations in Israel

To aid in facilitating communications between the heroic government agencies, organizations and non-profits, and conflict-affected civilians in Israel, ASTA-USA, a specialized language services provider, is offering a 15% discount on services in the Hebrew and Arabic languages to these entities. When political turmoil arises, it is the civilians who face the most intense repercussions. Families are separated, homes are destroyed, and lives are lost. As ordinary people are caught in the crossfire of bureaucratic disputes, their lives are forever and irreparably altered. In the face of destruction, many heroes emerge to save these individuals from the damaging effects of warfare. Whether this means rescuing them from war-torn streets, providing necessities like food and water, or otherwise fighting for a diplomatic resolution, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. recognizes these valiant efforts. 

Refugees or asylum seekers escaping from war-torn countries, like Israel, need immense support after their immediate needs for safety are met. To ensure that they receive the aid they need, whether it is medications, reuniting with family members, or addressing mental health concerns, they must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with those who orchestrate humanitarian efforts. This often presents a challenge as many employees and volunteers within support or resource networks are unable to speak the native languages of those they are assisting. Utilizing language translation services is a key component outlined in “The Sphere Handbook” for providing quality humanitarian response efforts after the necessities have been fulfilled—but access to these services is simply a basic human right.  

“Amid rubble-lined streets, chaos and forcible displacement, hearing or reading information in one’s mother tongue, once reaching safety, is a sanctuary to the mind. Languages are more than words; they are reflections of culture, history, unique experiences, and emotions. Familiar words alleviate anxiety, worry and confusion, and allow these individuals to have hope for the future after enduring unimaginable horrors. We salute all organizations that are offering solace to those affected by the current conflict in the Middle East and want to extend a helping hand by offering discounted services. Through these efforts, we strive to support these entities and empower them to bridge language gaps while fostering a sense of unity during these harrowing times,” explains Mr. Alain J. Roy, CEO of ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. 

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. is a language services provider that specializes in curating industry-specific translations to eliminate language barriers, nurture global interactions, and raise cultural awareness. For more than 30 years, ASTA-USA’s subject matter expert linguists have worked diligently to ensure that every voice is heard—with every nuance and subtlety preserved and honored—regardless of the languages involved in the conversation. Entities in need of language support services to or from the Hebrew and Arabic languages are encouraged to connect at:

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Every day, corporations and governments of all sizes rely on the expertise of ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. to translate their important written materials, and to provide real-time, live, human interpreting services by phone or video conference. Since 1987, ASTA-USA has provided specialized industry translation services in more than 70 languages to world-class organizations of all sizes. With a global operations division located in Houston, Texas, their client relations specialists, translation project managers, and specialized translation teams are strategically located around the globe to meet the demands of clients, guarantee responsiveness, and provide absolute translation accuracy. ASTA-USA's certified language translators are native speakers with industry-specific knowledge and a minimum of 10 years of translation experience. 

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