ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc. Bolsters K-12 Educational Success With Specialized Translation Services

Expert language translation services that capture instructional methods and cultural nuance improve parental engagement and inclusivity for Limited English Proficiency students in grades K-12.

When parents are involved in their children’s education, children get better grades, score higher on tests, attend classes more regularly, and avoid risky behavior. ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc.’s clients in the education sector report that the company’s language translation services drive increased parental engagement with students, improving academic success and fostering inclusivity in the classroom.

ASTA-USA is a leading provider of language and document translation services for corporations, educational organizations, and government agencies. ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc. provides professional translation in more than 70 languages via its 700 primary translators and network of more than 12,700 translators and linguists worldwide.

ASTA-USA works with e-learning and other educational programs to translate a wealth of material, including onboarding information, forms, booklets, online courses, textbooks, slides and presentations, lecture and test materials, lesson plans, grading rubrics, and many others.

Clients say ASTA-USA's language translations significantly enhance parental and student engagement and comprehension for K-12 students and families with limited English proficiency (LEP). Serving both traditional public school institutions and cyber schools, expert translators work with educators to translate materials that enable parents to understand grade-level benchmarks, along with their children's unique needs and progress. The most significant improvements for ASTA-USA's clients have been noted for those utilizing translated IEPs (Individual Education Plans). Because comprehension of the detailed plans increases when presented to parents in their native language, they are aware of specific elements that require strengthening. In turn, they are empowered to work with their children at home, which directly correlates to greater levels of engagement and better performances in the classroom.

“Parental engagement is directly linked to the academic success of K-12 students and is an element that school districts continually focus on improving,” said Alain J. Roy, founder and CEO of ASTA-USA Translation Services. “By offering culturally sensitive translations, we empower educators to better communicate with their LEP students and parents to improve comprehension and overall performance in the classroom.”  

Parental engagement leads to student success. A 2019 report from the American Psychological Association reviewed 448 studies involving nearly half a million families, finding that parents’ involvement improves children’s achievement, engagement, motivation and emotional adjustment.

In addition, a research review by the National Literacy Trust found that parental involvement in reading activities improves language comprehension, expressive language skills, and reading achievement. Translation services help create English instructional materials in other languages, a critical and potentially legally mandated resource in providing equal opportunity to LEP students and families.

Translation services make textbooks and workbooks usable for LEP students:

They can do the same assignments and participate equally in classes.

They can better understand a new culture, making a more inclusive learning environment where global diversity is more accepted.

LEP parents can be more involved in their children’s education to understand the material taught and better communicate with teachers about the course.

However, for educational materials to be effective with parents and children, it is essential that the content be both meticulously prepared and curated. Educators craft course materials for clarity and comprehension to ensure students grasp and master the subject. They also develop lessons in the context of students’ culture because that can be essential to understanding.

“Online AI-powered applications cannot produce educational translations with sufficient precision to retain the educator’s instructional approach, nor can they accurately capture the nuance of local and regional cultures. That makes it essential for education organizations to utilize translators with specific subject matter and cultural expertise,” Roy said.

In an e-learning preschool lesson, a teacher might ask children to count five eggs. That would translate seamlessly from English to Spanish as “cinco huevos,” with no need for adaptation. But a reading lesson that uses a Halloween story might require the cultural references to be translated to local equivalents because children in Mexico, France, or other countries may be unfamiliar with traditions like trick-or-treating or pumpkin carving.

“It is difficult to identify the need for localization without deep, intricate knowledge of the languages and cultures involved,” Roy said. “Localization is an element that is not always present with translators who provide word-for-word conversions but has proved to be the linchpin in ASTA-USA’s success.”

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