Asset Recovery and Consulting LLC

ARC specializes in the recovery of fixed assets of industrial manufacturing plants and power plants in the United States

Stuart Millner announced the formation of Asset Recovery & Consulting, LLC, (ARC) a company which specializes in the maximum recovery of value of fixed assets of industrial manufacturing plants and power plants in the United States. 

Millner said, that ARC is very fortunate to have been able to staff the company with individuals that have many years of experience in business and in asset recovery. 

Company offers a complete menu of services

Stuart Millner, President

ARC will offer to its client’s four major service programs that can be customized to fit their needs.  All programs are trademarked. 

        I.            Total Plant Deactivation” (TPD) offers to industrial companies a menu of 11 services, from the appraisal to the selling of the real estate when they decide to close their facility.


      II.            “Power Plant Decommissioning” (PPD) offers power plant closure utility companies a similar menu of services.


    III.            “Total Mine Decommissioning” (TMD) offers to the mining industry a plan for the recovery of asset value from their assets.


    IV.            “AVAIL” is the premier standalone certified appraisal program that offers appraisals to, banks, financial institutions, CPA’s, lawyers, and manufactures. 


About ARC

Asset Recovery & Consulting is a Industrial Auction, Liquidation and Appraisal Company with over 35 years of experience recovering nearly a billion dollars for clients. ARC makes the valuation, marketing& selling of assets seamless.

102 E. Springfield Avenue
Union, St. Louis, MO