Aspen Dental: How Dental Checkups Are Vital for One’s Oral Health in Mobile

As the oldest city in Alabama and the birthplace of Mardi Gras, Mobile is an exciting destination with plenty to do. And the more time people spend in the cultural center of the Gulf Coast, the more time they’ll have to savor the local cuisine and visit the sites. With so much excitement, oral health can take a back seat. But dental checkups are critical to maintaining oral health for individuals and their families. A local dentist in Mobile, AL, can help keep a patient’s oral health on track with regular dental checkups. 

When should a patient get a dental checkup? 

A good rule of thumb is to visit the dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning every six months. Maintaining this twice-yearly cadence can do wonders for one’s oral health. Here are five ways a standard dental checkup can help people keep their smiles healthy:

1. Identify dental concerns early. 

One of the best reasons for regular checkups is that the dental hygienist can look for early signs of dental issues. The dentist will check the depth of any decay and be able to fill it before it causes pain. If the spots or cavities are small, the dentist may instead perform a fluoride treatment to prevent further decay. Catching minor tooth or gum issues during a regular visit can prevent the need for more invasive procedures over time. 

2. Track children's dental procedures. 

Younger children need to see a dentist regularly as their mouths develop. Many things can go wrong as baby teeth fall out and adult teeth come in. But regular dental visits mean the dentist can track any issues with crowding or even recommend oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal before kids experience pain and other problems. 

3. Replace one’s toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Most dental providers will give a patient a new toothbrush at their bi-annual cleaning. For some people, that's the only time they'll replace their toothbrush during the year. Replacing one’s toothbrush every few months can help ensure the brush stays effective and alleviates the spreading of germs, especially if one has been sick. The dentist may also provide other health-promoting tools like dental floss and toothpaste, which are critical for oral health. 

4. Advise on proper hygiene. 

A dental hygienist can tell a patient if they might be brushing too hard or too frequently. Diagnosing these potentially damaging behaviors can help avoid gum recession or enamel wear later. The dental office’s team will also be able to tell if a patient has been flossing regularly and offer ways to make the practice more regular, especially for young children who are developing the habit for the first time. 

5. Check for more severe issues like cancer. 

Whether patients know it or not, dentists look for signs of oral cancers like mouth, jaw, and tongue cancer at every dental checkup. It could be a life-saving discovery if they find any lumps or discolorations. 

The bottom line 

From improving daily hygiene to potentially safeguarding patients against oral cancer, a dental visit is so much more than just a cleaning. Scheduling dental checkups twice a year can benefit oral health for individuals and families. With bright, healthy smiles, they can fully enjoy Mobile's culture, history, and events all year long.  

Source: Aspen Dental