Asian Connect Introduces Virtual Currency to Trade

Asianconnect88 are poud to inform you as one of our loyal customer, you can now use bitcoins as a form of money transfer. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be used for online transactions and can be bought and sold on the Bitcoin market. This t

Asian Connect are now offering customers the option to trade using the new and fast emerging virtual currency of bitcoin. This currency has no central bank and provides an ideal way to bet online. Asian Connect wants to be part of the action so our customers can now bet with the Asian brokerage using bitcoins.

The currency differs from a real currency in that it is not subject to inflation so the real value of a customer balance will not diminish over time. With a normal currency price rise will decrease its real value and the spending power from betting funds.

The rise of prices is in affect a small tax on wealth and this applies to gambling balances. Over time the purchasing power of funds in a betting account falls as prices continue to rise. There is a low inflation risk wit bitcoins so having an Asian Connect balance in this currency is a protection against inflation.

Bitcons lend themselves to betting and that is why Asian Connect have now entered this industry. There is no central bank involved and bitcoins are not susceptible to the fall of governments. Betting balances are protected more as they are not subject to the collapse of a currency.

Betting transactions with bitcoins are safe, simple and cheap. Asian Connect gains some competitive advantage by using them so we can offer better odds and faster payout. Withdrawing and depositing betting funds is simple and cheap and finally bitcoins do not be to be carried like money and gold.

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