Ashton Whiteley - Brexit Discussions Continue

Ashton Whiteley - EU and UK Brexit negotiators will tackle post-Brexit trade relationship discussions this week.

For the first time, this week UK and European Union officials will begin discussions on the future trading relationship between the UK and the bloc after Brexit.

With just less than a year to go until the UK officially leaves the EU, this week will mark the first time officials sit down to decide on future trade ties. Ashton Whiteley says that at this point, the sides are polarized. The European Union is not in favor of the UK’s position which it says is selecting the best parts of EU membership, and the UK is of the opinion that the EU is being too uncompromising in its stance.

Ashton Whiteley analysts say this week’s discussions will also deal with the unresolved problem of the Irish border as well as other aspects of the Brexit deal that remain unsettled.

Ashton Whiteley analysts say that the UK has been calling for trade talks to begin for some time and last week, UK Brexit Secretary, David Davis, stated that the UK wants a comprehensive agreement on future trade ties before the arrival of exit day. Davis added that it would be necessary to give parliament sufficient time to review and approve the deal and the associated financial settlement.

However, Ashton Whiteley analysts say European Union officials believe there is not enough time to reach a proper agreement on all aspects of future trade relations. EU officials say the majority of negotiations over trade will only happen once the UK has left the bloc.

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