Ashley Falletta Helps Female Entrepreneurs Get Pay They Deserve Using StoryBrand Framework

Ashley Falleta Helps Female Entrepreneurs Get Pay they Deserve Using StoryBrand Framework

Renowned New York-based marketing strategist and copywriter, Ashley Falletta, is on a mission to help struggling women leaders get the respect, recognition, and pay that they deserve due to oversaturated industries. And to do this, she's utilizing StoryBrand's game-changing marketing framework.

One of the many hurdles entrepreneurs, small businesses, and personal brands face is the absence of a clear messaging - the key that can help them "cut through the noise" online to attract high-paying clients. The StoryBrand seven-part framework aims to help brands create a solid and consistent marketing message using the art and psychology of storytelling. This method is the basis of Falletta's simple 5-step sales funnel strategy, designed to attract, nurture, and convert clients using The Power of Story.

"Many entrepreneurs struggle to grow and scale their business, especially in the busy online world of InstaCoaches and Reel Queens. But I have learned that the secret to standing out isn't in the hottest social media trend. It's leveraging the psychology of storytelling to move clients through the i3 Customer Journey: From interested, to intrigued, and finally invested in your brand."

Falletta is a copywriter, marketing strategist, and StoryBrand Certified Guide who has built a reputation for helping women entrepreneurs become more visible online and get paid for their talents - all thanks to The Power of Story. She is also a member of the SheCAN! Network, a nonprofit organization that utilizes community, continuous learning, and coaching to help women grow personally and professionally--shaping them to become effective, brave leaders.

Falletta has been featured on the Marketing Made Simple podcast with Dr. JJ Peterson, and the BossSquad TV Show with UK Brand Strategist Kubi Springer. Her writing can be found on media outlets such as eHow, LIVESTRONG, ScaryMommy, YourTango and AZ Living. You can connect with Ashley on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You may also visit her website to learn more about her VIP Days and business coaching programs.

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