Ash Herrera Jewelry Introduces the All About Pearls Collection Alongside Website

Herrera's first line dedicated to pearls, the All About Pearls Collection are statement pieces - they are beautiful, classy and chic.

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Designer Ashley Herrera is delighted to announce the launch of Ash Herrera Jewelry, and the All About Pearls Collection. This is Herrera’s first line dedicated to pearls, combined with stunning components that women can wear every day. The Collection will be released on Dec. 16, 2017.

Ash Herrera Jewelry is known for helping women complement their wardrobe style so they can wear pearls every day and all day – for all occasions. “Pearls can add such beauty to a wardrobe, and by mixing other elements with them, it brings a chic look to today’s trends,” commented Ashley Herrera, designer and founder of Ash Herrera Jewelry. “This collection was exciting to design and will be treasured pieces that are sure to last a lifetime,” continued Herrera. Each product will be individually made by the designer herself.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

Pearls can add such beauty to a wardrobe, and by mixing other elements with them, it brings a chic look to today's trends.

Ashley Herrera

Founder & Designer

The jewelry is designed to showcase the timeless beauty of pearls, elegantly redefined so that a woman can be in style every day.

Several collections are available in neutral colors from white, grey, pink, and brown, sure to complement any wardrobe.

All necklaces can be worn at various lengths, from choker (resting at the base of the neck) to a princess length (resting near the collarbone), which means the professional and social woman will be able to wear them either day or night.

The Collection also includes matching earrings to complete the look and can be purchased as a set. Each individual necklace and matching earrings has its own name. A few examples are:

• Sara Necklace  • Giana Collection  • Brooke Earrings  • Sofia Collection

The All About Pearls Collection ranges in price from $35 to $350.

Ashley Herrera is excited to welcome her fans to her new handmade product line collection they’ve been requesting.

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For more information about Ash Herrera Jewelry and the All About Pearls Collection, please visit and subscribe at to receive the latest product information and exclusive sale announcements.

About Ash Herrera Jewelry  
Ashley Herrera started creating jewelry for women when she was faced with a problem of finding affordable exquisite jewelry pieces made in small batches. After many months of creating the All About Pearls Collection, Ashley’s designs have already started gaining recognition among the jewelry industry.

For information about All About Pearls Collection or for an interview with Herrera, please write to Media high-res photos available upon request.

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