ASD's QualitySpec® K-B Reduces Time, Expense And Error In Critical Pulp-Processing Production Measurements

A 1,000-ton-per-day mill could see savings of $350,000 in first year of use

BOULDER, Colo. - ASD Inc., a global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials measurement solutions, is closely watching the early adopters of the QualitySpec K-B, a near-infrared pulp analyzer designed to help mills obtain less-expensive, more accurate production line data.

Pulp and paper industry profits and quality control rely on accurate monitoring and adjustment of Kappa number and brightness levels in pulp. These measurements guide the optimal balance of chemicals needed to produce market-ready pulp. Traditionally, measurements are taken with time-consuming manual processes - usually titration and hand-sheet preparation - with accuracy susceptible to operator-to-operator variability.

The QualitySpec K-B allows operators to analyze numerous line samples per hour from multiple bleach plant locations, delivering Kappa number and brightness results to the mill's control system in under four minutes. The system's push-button, automated sample press quickly prepares samples for analysis. Implementation of a QualitySpec K-B could generate $350,000 in chemical and off-grade pulp savings yearly at a mill that processes 1,000 tons of pulp per day.

The QualitySpec K-B was developed in cooperation with FP Innovations-PAPRICAN (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada), a non-profit Canadian research and technological organization that helps its industry members profit from applications research. The system correlates directly to TAPPI standard T-236 for Kappa number and ISO brightness.

"Resource, market and regulatory pressures have made efficiency gains even more important for mill operators," said Ben Madden, ASD's K-B product manager. "The rapid and repeatable measurement of Kappa number and brightness enabled by the QualitySpec K-B gives operators more reliable data, tighter process control, and ultimately increased profits."

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