Ascendant Marketing's Expertise Grows Portfolio, Operations

Due to increased demand for its services, Ascendant Marketing Inc's team will be opening new offices. The firm's President discussed how associates will be traveling to increase their knowledge of the new national service partners.

"We are growing at a very rapid rate," stated Marcus, Ascendant Marketing Inc's President. "It's an exciting time to be a part of our team, and a great time to consider joining us. We are expanding our operations, and will be interviewing to fill several positions at our new locations." 

Opening new offices is a very exciting indicator of growth to be sure, but what Marcus said he was especially proud of was the fact that more companies are seeking out Ascendant Marketing Inc to help them acquire customers. This increased portfolio, in turn, translates into an even broader market to which Marcus and other executives on the team will connect.

"It's great to have multiple sites, but what's more important is that we are being recognized for our ability to build consumer bases by some of the top telecom service providers in the nation," Marcus explained. "The built-in credibility that comes from representing these well-known companies really raises our standing in our industry and in the business community in general."

Using Travel Opportunities to Build the Expertise of the Ascendant Marketing Inc Team

To ensure that his team is properly prepared to make the most of the upcoming growth, Marcus will be sending Ascendant Marketing Inc executives to several training conferences. "We want to be the most knowledgeable office on all new national service partners that we are introducing. We could try and do this from the office, but I prefer going out and gaining knowledge from the source. Besides, the chance to travel is always enlightening in and of itself, and being on the road together helps our team build stronger bonds."

Some business leaders might consider business trips to be too costly for training, but Marcus looks at travel differently. He expects Ascendant Marketing Inc applicants to be career-minded, and therefore long term, so he shows them that he is willing to invest in them and their future success. "Helping associates develop their skills and grow, both personally and professionally, is the best way I know to show people that I'm committed to them. Weekend conferences make especially powerful statements, and we're happy to provide this level of training to our team members. There are many exciting changes on the horizon, and we're ready for them." 

About Ascendant Marketing Inc:

Ascendant Marketing, Inc. is a leader in customer acquisitions for a national satellite TV and telecom provider. Their outreach model includes powerful incentives for consumers who invest in these technological services. The team's commitment to service, training, and public education ensures that their partner is the top provider in the Nashville region. At the center of all that the Ascendant Marketing, Inc. team does are expertise, innovation, rapport, and passion for their work. They apply their collective wisdom and talent to each campaign, thus offering the firms they represent a competitive advantage. Learn more by visiting them at

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