Ascedia & Core dna Redefine How Agencies Deliver Digital Transformation

Ascedia and Core dna Redefine How Agencies Deliver Digital Transformation

​​​​Core dna, a leading web content management and eCommerce platform vendor, and Ascedia, an award-winning digital agency and consultancy, have teamed up to accelerate digital transformation for mid- to enterprise-level companies. 

As the end-user experience increases in complexity, ambitious brands need cutting-edge technology and authentic subject matter expertise to stand out. Strategizing and building digital experiences used to be done in-house, but industry-leading companies are now looking to external expertise to use the best technologies in combination with the right strategies. 

Leading brands want to shift their focus away from developing technology to delivering memorable customer experiences. Similarly, many agencies have also moved away from building technology themselves, preferring instead to leverage existing technologies to drive home a digital transformation strategy. 

On the eCommerce front, the overall experience is now essential in the buying process, and being able to connect content and commerce seamlessly dramatically improves conversion.

With the above shifts in mind, agencies are beginning to see their success in the process of matching their client’s business needs with a platform that can deliver quickly and with flexibility. 

Nick Rudich, Executive Director of Ascedia, stated that “the approach to looking at a company’s digital ecosystem has been changing over the last five years. We are trying to help our clients evolve the way they view their digital marketing channels and eCommerce strategies.”

With over 19 years of experience working with numerous industry-leading companies, Ascedia has perfected the art of crafting digital marketing flywheels — which includes processes from implementing new technologies, testing hypotheses, activating campaigns, and refining the strategy as data becomes available. 

Spotlight on Digital Experience Platforms for Content and Commerce

From supporting commerce experiences to serving content on new devices, Ascedia has seen the growth and evolution of the content and commerce platform, the cornerstone of any digital transformation initiative. 

“Having a monolithic CMS that only feeds information to a company's website will leave marketers struggling to reach their customers effectively in those other digital channels,” Rudich said. “Ensuring companies can promote their brand in a streamlined and cohesive voice through all landscapes ensures, no matter where their customers are in the buyer's journey, they have the ability and correct messaging to connect with them.”

According to Rudich, “large corporations started this transition a while back because they have realized its importance. Mid-size companies now have the ability to make that same transformation without the large overhead of having to develop their own system, as had been the case in the past.”

With the right Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and complementary technology, agencies like Ascedia are able to:

  • Remove the technological bottleneck for both the agency and client, speeding up the time-to-market. 
  • Empower marketers to do more without relying on their IT department.

  • Establish a consistent user experience across all areas of a website and across all channels. 

  • Make content and experiences available through multiple channels, resulting in an omnichannel experience.

  • Facilitate a higher ROI by reducing the upfront costs and minimizing ongoing costs.

The Ascedia-Core dna Partnership

To maximize their results on client projects, Ascedia is working closely with Core dna. 

“Competitors’ solutions often seem to be built around checking off boxes for RFP responses and not listening to the needs of the client. With Core dna, they have previous experience working directly with clients, which helps them to provide valuable insights. This separates Core dna from the others in the field,” Rudich stated.

Instead of providing software and little else, Rudich continued, Core dna’s leadership and project team are “eager to become a partner with the client and not just view them as another subscriber. This is very important when we look for solutions because we want to ensure we have partners that care about our clients as much as we do.”

Core dna Founder and CEO Sam Saltis also commented on the new and growing partnership between Core dna and Ascedia. 

“At Core dna, our goal is to truly partner with our agencies to provide them with a foundation to create solutions that help drive digital transformation for their clients. We work hand-in-hand with Ascedia as a true partnership, contributing our many years of agency experience and product development to help deliver on their vision. We provide more than a platform; we deliver a complete ecosystem that makes development simpler, provide an intuitive admin for marketers, and provide access to features and content outside of the platform,” said Saltis.

About Ascedia​

Ascedia is more than just an agency, they're a consultancy. Think about it this way. Give an agency a business problem and 9 times out of 10 you’ll get an ad and media recommendations back as your solution. Why? Because that’s what they do. It’s how they make money.

At Ascedia, we approach things differently. The digital world is complex and shifting daily. We understand the solution to your problem could take many different forms.

Our role as digital consultants is to provide you with the right combination of strategy and tactics based on our years of expertise that will solve your problems. And rarely is that just another ad.

Ascedia is a 100% digital team of 30 experts with 19 years of experience. This past year we brought home 9 awards for our work with Alto-Shaam, Travel Wisconsin, and Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association.

Learn more about Ascedia

About Core dna​

Core dna is a true multi-tenant SaaS digital experience platform (DXP) that gives digital teams all of the functionality, tools, scale, performance, personalization, innovation, and automation needed to build world-class digital solutions. Featuring over 80 pre-built business applications, including enterprise content management and full eCommerce, Core dna offers unrivaled power, flexibility and ease-of-use. A full description of its features and capabilities is available here. Core dna is based in Boston, MA, and powers global brands such as Staples, Stanley PMI, and Langham Hotels. Today, more than 500 companies rely on Core dna to power their online business.

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Coredna is a complete Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with a collection of over 80 pre-built enterprise applications. The Platform consolidates your Content, Customer, Marketing and Transactional applications into a single SaaS Platform.

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