As President Elect Trump's Inauguration Approaches, #WEGOHIGH Movement Combats America's Fear and Heartache

Boston Based Company launches political T-Shirts, creating a platform for millennials to help diminish anxiety over new President elect

Still My President

Still My President, a Boston based online retail store ( just launched its new apparel line, “We Go High.” The line was created following Michelle Obama’s memorable plea at the opening night of the Democrats nominating convention where she candidly spoke of the recent win of future president, Donald Trump.

“...when someone is cruel or acts like a bully you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high,” said Michelle Obama.

In the ten days following the victory of President-elect Donald Trump, nearly 900 hate incidents across the U.S. have been reported, according to Southern Poverty Law Center. There are countless videos that have gone viral displaying this hate; on a physical and emotional level.

“We heard Michelle Obama’s words, “we go high” and felt this is exactly how we want to conduct ourselves, by being better than some of the anger and hate that has been displayed throughout this election,” said Berlhey Narcisse, Co-Founder of Still My President.

In the modern era of presidential politics, there has never been such mix emotions from people of all demographics, religions and backgrounds. As reported, Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are worth a combined $13 billion dollars. This has many people wondering, what social class will Donald Trump represent? Protesters across the nation are partnering with demonstrations to take a stance during the upcoming Presidential inauguration over their reservations about whether or not he can lead this country.

“What makes this country great is the diversity in thought, color, religion and background, that all share the same values of respect for one another and the desire to come together and live in peace,” said Kurt Faustin, Co-Founder of Still My President.

The “We Go High” movement is a deliberate stance in the face of ignorance, and a celebration of the legacy of dignity and respect for one another, that the Obamas left behind. Still My President is calling for American’s to take selfie and hashtag “#WeGoHigh” on the day of the inauguration. A portion of the company’s proceeds will be donated to reputable charity, Amnesty International. A grassroots human rights organization that “works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied,” -

Interview request should be sent to – media can also reach Co-founder Kurt Faustin at (617) 365-9699

Source: Still My President

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