As Novel Bottled Water Brand Expands, Research Grows in Indian Study

Boutique brand, Divinia Water, moves into a larger facility; becomes part of scientific study in India.

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​Divinia Water, the leading bottler of cellular and deuterium depleted water in North America, announces the expansion of their production facility and is the first bottled water company based in eastern Idaho. Following the approval of the board, the company will move into a larger, more sophisticated space by mid-April. The extra room, additional equipment, new hires, and commercial-sized technology give Divinia the specific advantage of producing 100x the current output. 

“We are thrilled at the growth of our company. Our passion is to provide a unique brand of water and doing so, with a greater capacity, means that we are on the right trajectory of expansion”, says owner and CEO of Divinia Water, Steven Sedlmayr. “Transitioning from online to retail is a major goal for the company this year. We have some great retailers lined up and we will see Divinia on store shelves by the end of the second quarter.”

We are thrilled at the growth of our company. Our passion is to provide a unique brand of water and doing so, with a greater capacity, means that we are on the right trajectory of expansion.

Steven Sedlmayr, CEO

Divinia is working through the on-boarding process with Whole Foods, but expects more nimble chains will pick up the distinctive brand first. Divinia is represented by brokers in Salt Lake and Los Angeles to drop the high-end water into natural food markets and traditional grocery stores in the western United States. 

In addition to expansion, Divinia is participating in a small but intriguing horticulture study in India. Horticulture is the agricultural branch of cultivating medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs, etc. and deals with the art, science, technology and business of growing plants. 

Several PhDs at Horticulture Planet, an unbiased research center located in New Delhi, India, are using Divinia to analyze how water affects nutrient levels in plants. According to scientists, Divinia’s purpose is for the “…phytochemical analysis with EZ (cellular) water based extraction, for phytochemical screening to identify novel drug for cancer.” Preliminary results show Divinia alters plant chemistry in a unique manner. Divinia is encouraged by the results but remain cautious until the conclusion of the study. These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA or the SEC, are forward thinking in nature and have a positive spin. Divinia Water does not guarantee any positive outcome whatsoever, and make no claims as to the validity of using this water for medical purposes.



Divinia Water was founded in 2015 in Idaho Falls, ID, and is a family owned and operated bottled water company. Our innovative, patented process captures water in a unique state and is the only water on market scientifically proven cellular/"EZ" water (the same water found in living cells) at University of Washington. With a mission for eco-friendly operations, Divinia Water is bottled in recyclable 16 ounce glass bottles and purifies water with as little waste as possible. Products are currently sold online at

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