As More Americans Than Ever Get Tattooed, Tattoo Removal Booms as Does DISAPPEARING Inc.

Disappearing inc., the Northeast's Premier Tattoo Removal Company Opens 7th Studio in Mineola, Long Island

DISAPPEARING inc. Laser Tattoo Removal

As the number of Americans with tattoos continues to increase, the number of Americans with tattoo regret also continues to increase. Disappearing inc., the Northeast's premier laser tattoo removal studio, is scheduled to open its seventh studio on Long Island this Friday, Sept. 17, 2021. Disappearing inc. is excited to provide clients on Long Island the same high-quality removal services that are available in their other six studios. Disappearing inc. Long Island is located at 169 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola.

"When we looked at Long Island, we realized that there were no studios in the area that specialized exclusively in tattoo removal. We want to provide a professional environment for people to get their tattoos removed or lightened, with the top experts in the field doing the procedures," said Rob Harris, Founder & President of Disappearing inc. "Being centrally located on Long Island, we believe that the demand for laser removal will come from all directions."

Disappearing inc. has separated itself from all other tattoo removal providers by not only specializing exclusively in tattoo removal but by providing the best results. "Our technicians receive the most training in the industry which includes a thorough apprenticeship with over 400 hours of training. We feel this is essential in order to provide a phenomenal client experience and results," said Harris. "Our techs understand ink, skin and technology better than anyone. We work closely with tattoo artists and ink manufacturers because we know that the best way to remove a tattoo is knowing how it was applied. We also understand lasers and how the technology can be most efficient and effective," said Harris.

Eve Harris, COO and Rob's wife is also excited to be opening on Long Island. "Having grown up on Long Island, I'm just so excited we are opening here. We are looking forward to helping people remove the past."

About Disappearing inc. and our Laser Technology - Tattoo removal or lightening is a big decision and people should feel extremely comfortable with the studio they choose. We at Disappearing inc. love tattoos; in fact, everyone who works at our studios has one or more tattoos. Started in 2013, Disappearing inc. is continuing to grow with the opening of its 7th studio on Long Island. Using only state-of-the-art Quanta lasers, Disappearing inc. can safely remove or fade even the toughest of tattoos (including formerly tough blues and greens) while offering the best value in laser tattoo removal and lightening. Disappearing inc. also wants to make the process easier for our clients and uses a super-effective Zimmer cooler to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

For more information - Eve Harris 617.388.6743 (cell)

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