As Crypto Fever Climbs, PAC Protocol Launches the Official Release of yanDNA™ - Beta Version - With Billboard Teaser Campaign in Global Financial Hubs London and New York City

PAC Protocol Digital Ad on Nasdaq Billboard

PAC Protocol, the operator of the world's largest data blockchain network focused on decentralized storage, launched their first awareness campaign promoting the official release of its $PAC Protocol yanDNA™ product (beta version). The campaign kicked off last week with dynamic digital billboards appearing in the financial epicenters of central London and Times Square New York City on the NASDAQ billboard (image attached). The billboard and forthcoming 30-second video ad features former NFL and Ohio State Buckeye Football Star Braxton Miller, who also serves as PAC Protocol's Chief Visibility Officer, in physical training then transforming his image into the brand's wolf archetype in a bow to the brand's trending "WolfPAC" of followers and supporters.

Additional advertising and promotional plans to promote their revolutionary data service globally to consumer and enterprise users includes additional billboards, a robust digital ad campaign and brand promotions at high-profile events like film premiere parties during Sundance, Super Bowl 56 Weekend in Los Angeles and others leaning into Q1 and Q2 fiscal quarters.  

The campaign is geared to inform and attract customers to the new low-cost revolutionary benefits of safe and unbreachable blockchain data storage and data transfer in a time where data breaches and data ransom are at an all-time high. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC),1 "the number of data breaches publicly reported so far this year has already exceeded the total for 2020, putting 2021 on track for a record year."

Paving the way to democratized secure data for all, PAC Protocol's yanDNA™ is a first of a kind decentralized storage product that allows users to store their data on a completely decentralized and distributed data storage network. PAC Protocol's CEO, David Gokhshtein, explains, "Instead of having your file stored in a single server, $PAC distributes your data set into smaller subsets of data and stored them on decentralized virtual private servers associated with the PAC Protocol Masternode network. This makes it extremely difficult to reassemble this file by a bad actor and steal your data as compared to a centralized network with data housed in a single location." He adds, "PAC Protocols decentralized data storage consists of a set of 22,000 + servers or Masternodes that distribute fractions of a data set on each node. This allows for a distribution of a single data set across a multitude of virtual private servers, which provides security by storing the data on different servers so there is no single point of failure for your data. The possibilities with so many decentralized supporters are endless and gives PAC Protocol an edge in the field of data storage that no other competitor has."

In addition to data transfer and storage, PAC Protocols blockchain network also offers a secure and ownable solution for NFT storage and transfers by allowing NFT creators to fully own and occupy the original metadata of the NFT.  "With the growing commercial market of NFT's, this will be a game-changer in the NFT marketplace for NFT creators to really control and manage the full value of their NFT's," explains Drew Saunders, Chairman of the Board.

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Source: PAC Protocol

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