As Counties in Florida Begin Lifting Their Restrictions on Businesses During the Pandemic, La Granja Restaurants Still Maintain High Sanitary Standards for Employees and Customers

Due to the pandemic, La Granja Restaurants are taking all necessary precautions to make sure the safety of customers and employees, constantly sanitizing, making employees wash their hands, wear gloves and wear face masks. Call ahead, call for delivery or order delivery through DoorDash® buttons on La Granja's website. La Granja locations from Palm Beach County to Orange County are open for dining in Florida.

La Granja Restaurants in Palm Beach County to Orange County are Now Open for Dining

​La Granja Restaurants across Florida are open, providing delicious food for individuals and families. During the worldwide pandemic, they have been delivering food curbside and delivery. They have been maintaining strict sanitation standards for their employees and customers.  

​La Granja made a video to share its duty to safety for its customers and to assure that they are devoted to keeping a clean and safe environment in their restaurants.

La Granja Restaurants in Palm Beach County to Orange County are Now Open for Dining.  

​Currently, Florida counties are in Phase 1 in the lifting of regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants are following the 25-percent-occupancy rule for dining. 

​More information about Governor DeSantis's Executive Order is also here: 

La Granja Restaurants have many happy patrons, and their restaurants are all across Florida, from Orange County to Miami-Dade County.​​ For a fresh home-style meal, call for delivery or go to the nearest location for dining or curbside pickup. 

Go to and type in a zip code to find the nearest restaurant. Call your nearest location for more information.

La Granja opened its first South Florida location in Margate in 1993. Serving Peruvian cuisine praised by locals, La Granja has become a favorite place for many to grab a quick lunch or a family dinner. Regular customers note their love affair with the 1/4 Chicken meal as a reason for their constant return. Those choosing to dine at La Granja have their choice of chicken, steak, seafood or pork with 2 sides of their preference. Now there are over 50 restaurants in Florida that one can choose to dine in.

La Granja Restaurants serve delicious dishes with big portions and authentic flavors.

​Check out La Granja's menu.

When ordering, customers can choose from a wide variety of platters and side options. Each platter comes with a sizable portion of meat and 2 or more sides. Dishes are seasoned to perfection and paired with perfect additions, of which arroz, frijoles, and fried plantains are most popular. 

At La Granja, delectable platters are served with sides that are a step above the rest. Family platters are available to make dinner quick and hearty. 

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