As Businesses Struggle With Greater AV Demands, Level 3 Audiovisual Provides Strategic Solution

Leading AV systems integrator provides device monitoring, remote support, and certified technicians, reducing businesses’ downtime, costs and IT workload.

The explosion of remote work and videoconferencing is overwhelming IT departments and imposing significant costs on businesses in terms of lost productivity. Level 3 Audiovisual offers a solution to the challenges of AV and IT convergence through its comprehensive support services. These services are anchored on AV Device Monitoring and Secure Remote Access, facilitated by its advanced Network Operations Center. They are further reinforced by expert systems engineers and a global network of certified technicians. 

As a leading AV solutions provider, Level 3 Audiovisual offers a range of services, including strategy, design, deployment, and support of audiovisual systems. The company stands out as one of just four worldwide with AV9000 quality management compliance. 

Brandon Horsfall, the Director of Customer Success and Support at Level 3 Audiovisual, emphasized the significant shift in support demands due to the convergence of AV and IT. He noted, "Now that every networked device in the company can serve as a potential video conferencing site, IT departments are tasked with managing exponentially more — from cell phones and desktops to huddle rooms and conference rooms. Consequently, when AV tech fails, the impact is more pronounced than ever." 

According to researchers, workers report losing an average of 22 minutes per workday due to technology issues. This translates to more than two weeks of lost productivity annually for each employee. Failures in conference room technology can be especially costly, particularly during high-stakes situations such as executive meetings. 

When factoring in equipment, service expenses, and the lost productivity of executive-level personnel, financial costs could soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is without considering the potential reputational damage with clients, partners, and vendors. These factors elucidate why Fortune 500 companies opt for experienced firms like Level 3 Audiovisual. 

"Every technological issue represents a potential loss — both financially and operationally," stated Horsfall. "That's why our support services extend beyond mere troubleshooting. We proactively address issues to ensure that your executive meetings and daily operations remain on track. By minimizing downtime, we enable you to maximize productivity." 

Level 3 Audiovisual’s comprehensive support services are engineered to detect and resolve issues proactively, preempting any disruption for clients. This process commences with AV Device Monitoring, delivered around the clock through Level 3 Audiovisual’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). "This represents a departure from conventional practices in the AV sector," remarked Horsfall. The remote monitoring system continuously scans a client’s AV environment, promptly addressing potential health concerns by initiating automated scripts to rectify device or system malfunctions. 

In collaboration with IT departments, often tasked with managing legacy or new corporate AV systems despite minimal training in AV system management, Level 3 Audiovisual's expertise and approach position it as an ideal partner. "We can communicate effectively with them," noted Horsfall. "We comprehend the ITSM framework and the tools they employ, enabling us to deliver top-notch support." 

AV9000 Compliance Certification underscores the company's adherence to stringent quality standards throughout the development and installation of AV systems, extending seamlessly into all aspects of support. 

Comprehensive support not only mitigates productivity losses but also prolongs the lifespan of valuable AV devices and infrastructure through proactive maintenance. According to a recent McKinsey & Company study, companies implementing proactive maintenance witnessed a reduction in overall costs by 25% to 30% compared to those reliant on traditional reactive maintenance. 

Lenny Convis, a Systems Engineer at Level 3 Audiovisual, described AV support as a dynamic fusion of innovation and proactive troubleshooting. "Our initiatives are at the forefront of our industry," he explained. "We engineer solutions, develop drivers, and write code to support an array of devices. Leveraging our NOC, we can identify and resolve issues, often before they impact end users." 

Amidst the escalating demands placed on AV systems, Level 3 Audiovisual emerges as a stalwart provider of strategic support. The convergence of AV and IT presents unprecedented challenges for businesses, straining IT departments and impeding productivity. Level 3 Audiovisual rises to meet these challenges with its Comprehensive Support, encompassing monitoring, remote assistance, and certified technicians. By alleviating downtime and reducing the IT workload, the company ultimately drives down costs and enhances profitability. With its AV9000 compliance as a testament to its commitment to quality, Level 3 Audiovisual stands as a trusted partner, offering innovative solutions and steadfast support to ensure smooth operational continuity as businesses navigate the evolving AV landscape. 

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About Level 3 Audiovisual 

Level 3 Audiovisual stands as a global leader in AV services, driven by a mission to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their utmost potential. This commitment is underscored by its distinction as one of only four AV9000 Quality Management Compliant system-certified companies worldwide. Its portfolio encompasses comprehensive services ranging from strategy, design, and deployment to support of audiovisual systems. Additionally, it offers AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS), enabling customers to subscribe to meeting spaces or classrooms, liberating them from the concerns of maintenance, upgrades, and support. 

For multinational corporations, Level 3 Audiovisual provides its proprietary Enterprise Program Management (EPM) solution, a managed service meticulously tailored to define and enhance a global enterprise's audiovisual and meeting room program. The focus lies on centralized management of architecture, deployment, and ongoing success of meeting room systems. 

As a beacon of innovation in the industry, Level 3 Audiovisual continually pushes the boundaries of AV/IT convergence, delivering enhanced value to its customers while actively sharing its knowledge with peers. 

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