Arts for Autism: Top 5 Reasons to Use Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy

The Arts for Autism Foundation offers a fun type of therapy for children on the autism spectrum through Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy. Their vision is to give children with Autism the gift of dance and music, assist with sensory integration, and behavior challenges; to provide a setting where they can interact socially.

Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy was founded by Audrey Amadeo, M.S. in 2013. It has proven to be a fun and interactive way for children all across the autism spectrum to work on behavior challenges, sensory disorders, language development, social skills, coordination, and memory. This program is unique to the South Florida community, being the only one of it's kind. The children love it and show improvements in so many different areas. This is a weekend program that incorporates therapeutic strategies from Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism Movement Therapy, and Music Therapy. The combination of these three strategies is what makes up Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy and what makes it so unique. 

There are numerous benefits to the Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy program offered by the Arts For Autism Foundation.

1. It provides a service to the South Florida region that is rare.

2. It provides a combination of artistic therapies that when provided in any combination can be very beneficial to the students their families, and the community.

3. The program staff consists of certified therapist that provide the best practices and services to better the students’ autistic symptoms. 

4. The information given to the students and their families help them come together on Saturdays and share fun activities in the arts together. 

5. It gives children with autism a means of communication, expression, creativity, and confidence by improving their speech, coordination, memory, behavior, and social skills.

The services provided by the Arts For Autism Foundation, the staff and volunteers, the family and community involvement, and the students’ documented improvement are what make Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy a success for the students and the South Florida community. This is a program that not only helps those affected by autism, but also spreads autism awareness.

The Arts For Autism Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization open to donations to help fund free Spectrum Dance and Music Therapy sessions. 

The Foundation is available for certification opportunities, television, radio, and print interviews, as well as public speaking engagements. For more information please contact

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