Artist & Sculptor Claudia DeMonte Celebrates Her 70th Birthday With Exhibition 'Memento Vivire'

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Artist & Sculptor Claudia DeMonte Celebrates Her 70th Birthday with Exhibition:

                                                       “Memento Vivire”

Artist and sculptor Claudia DeMonte, in celebration of her 70th birthday, is exhibiting her new work at the June Kelly Gallery opening on May 17, 2018, at 6 p.m. through June 19, 2018.

The exhibition “Memento Vivire” reflects her progression on a woman becoming 70 years old creating a compelling dialogue regarding the transformation and acceptance of “woman” and globalism as it gained momentum and acceptance throughout her lifetime.

DeMonte became one with her experiences: camping with Dani Tribesmen in Irian Jaya, making offerings to Yemanja on New Year’s Eve on a beach in Rio, becoming an Italian citizen, meeting the Karen Long Neck women in Mae Hong Song, working in Paris, Bangkok, Shanghai and Venice, and the list goes on.

The cultural legacies that formed her - being the daughter of community activist parents in Astoria, Queens (the most ethnically diverse borough in the U.S.) and their embrace of culture, cultures, and acceptance made me quite reflective on these 70 years. They forced her to reconsider from whence she had come, where she was going with no limitations because she was a daughter in an Italian family in their eyes, and where she is now. Her life and the women’s movement were one – the magic moment! The power within her and instilled in her home was on the world stage. And, then the randomness or karma of luck, coincidence, serendipity and synchronicity that shape you, more so if you welcome them with open arms.

The art contains is full of memento vivire = reminders of life, sacred scapular medals reflecting her journey through the feminist movement and the emergence of globalism. The metamorphosis of woman and globalism creates a dialogue with the viewer. The structure of womanhood throughout the years is evidenced in this lattice of probing introspection, demonstrated in disparate, divergent sculptures and images.

A worldwide traveler since the age of 20, visited at the time, some of the most remote places on earth, and many not welcoming to women (Irian Jaya, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan), she remains inspired by the global cultures and art that are reflective in her work – as well as collecting “outsider art”. Thinking globally were common words used in her home in the 1950’s, well before global thinking became a buzz phrase.

As Eleanor Heartney stated in a book about Claudia DeMonte's work, “Both (globalism and feminism) profoundly shaped DeMonte’s consciousness and in turn allowed her to contribute to the reshaping of contemporary art in these directions.”

"What makes success? Some say 10,000 hours of work you enjoy. But it is much more than that. For me it was the eye-opening experience of visiting over 100 countries, a marriage of 40 years and yes, of course, hard work – exhibitions in 35 countries, over 100 one person exhibits and teaching art for over 33 years at the same time. Work and wanderlust and feminism make “Memento Vivire” a statement of women’s worth, women’s dreams and fruition." - Claudia DeMonte

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