Artist and Philanthropist ZHC Enters Chinese Video Market in Partnership With CNP Digital and Night

Artist and Philanthropist ZHC Enters Chinese Video Market In Partnership with CNP Digital and Night

ZHC Enters Chinese Video Market In Partnership with CNP Digital and Night

Ultra-viral artist and philanthropist Zach "ZHC" Hsieh has officially joined Xigua Video through a partnership with CNP Digital Inc and Night. Hsieh is the latest in a series of today's most popular American YouTube stars reaching Chinese markets by joining Chinese video platforms such as Xigua Video. For many YouTube stars, the Chinese market has always been seen as one of the world's largest untapped markets, however many barriers have prevented their expansion. With the help of CNP Digital, many successful YouTubers such as ZHC have taken the opportunity to finally connect with Chinese viewers.

ZHC is best known for his larger-than-life artworks and philanthropic giveaways. With over 30 million followers and 3 billion views cumulatively throughout his channels, Hsieh is one of the most recognized and respected personalities on YouTube. After joining Xigua Video, his channel grew quickly - reaching 50K followers in 2 weeks, then 220K followers in 2 months. Some of his videos have gone viral in China, with one passing 8M views in less than a week.

ZHC is represented by Michael Gordon at Night who brokered the relationship with CNP Digital for syndication throughout China. "We are so proud to partner with CNP Digital to expand Zach's global brand to the Chinese Market," says Gordon.

CNP Digital also represents high profile YouTubers such as Colin Furze and DALLMYD aka 'ScubaJake' (also represented by Gordon at Night) in China. Mike Chi, CEO of CNP Digital, shared, "We are excited to be introducing top YouTubers to the Chinese market and look forward to sharing this opportunity with other creators as well." Colin Furze, who has over 11 million followers on YouTube, was recently awarded the "Best Moments Award" by Xigua Video during their annual awards ceremony. The award was to celebrate his channel's exponential growth and the success of select videos that have gone viral in China, with some reaching up to 6 million views. His channel on Xigua Video has amassed approximately 820K followers cumulatively over 10 months.

About CNP Digital:

CNP Digital Inc, a California based company, specializes in helping YouTubers expand their reach into China through a no-hassle localization service that requires minimum input and involvement from the creators. For YouTubers that are interested in becoming more involved with their Chinese following, CNP also offers collaboration opportunities as well as brand sponsorships. CNP maintains close partnerships with several China-based video platforms such as Xigua Video, Douyin, Bilibili, and Weibo , enabling the company to offer the best deals and earning opportunities for creators of various genres and followings to enter the Chinese market. For brands, CNP allows Asian brands to reach a global audience as well as Western brands to penetrate and grow in the Chinese market.


About Night:

Night is a multimedia talent management company and creative outpost for the largest creators on the internet. Founded by former sports agent turned digital talent manager, Reed Duchscher, Night is known for their groundbreaking entrepreneurial ventures such as MrBeast Burger and the YouTube Originals "Creator Games." Their roster includes a diverse array of industry juggernauts like MrBeast, ZHC, Preston, Azzyland, Matt Stonie, Moriah Elizabeth, and others. Night is known for making a positive impact in the world with their creators donating to charitable endeavors.

Source: CNP Digital