Artificial Intelligence of Biotech Stocks Now Provided to Independent Traders by Vantagepoint Artificial Intelligence Software

Independent traders now have access to tracking and analysis from a powerful AI tool that signals trend changes up to three days before with up to 86% accuracy.

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Vantagepoint AI ( is the software company that developed the first artificial intelligence (AI) trading software in the world available to retail investors and traders. Vantagepoint’s Artificial Intelligence now provides predictive trend forecasts into the Biotech sector with its award-winning and highly accurate software. 

Biotechnology is an emerging field of science that involves the use of living microorganisms to make chemicals, pharmaceuticals and products that are beneficial to humans, perform industrial tasks, or are part of innovative medical treatments. It is a popular sector for investors and traders because of the groundbreaking innovation displayed by the companies involved. While many biotech companies focus on clinical research and the development of new drugs aimed at treating diseases and medical conditions, this industry has a host of different applications. 

Finding the best biotech companies to invest in can be hazardous due to the volatility and regulatory concerns that dominate the space. Clinical plans and stock forecasts for biotech can suffer at the hands of regulatory decisions from the Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies. However, biotech companies can offer explosive returns for investors and traders when their products overcome all regulatory hurdles.

The best biotech companies to invest and trade in tend to have several commonalities: strong earnings growth, institutional investment participation, and a solid foundation of rigorous scientific research. "We are thrilled to give traders looking for solid intelligence access to the biotech sector with the power of artificial intelligence. Superior tools can help traders immensely," said Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint AI. "Biotech stocks offer huge trading opportunities; we have been testing this sector against our neural networks for the last several years and the results have been remarkable."

With trend forecasts that are up to 86% accurate, one to three days in advance, Mendelsohn points out, "We have been able to forecast the individual biotech stocks with a minimum of at least 70% accuracy, which is our threshold to be included in our software. Consistently and accurately forecasting the biotech sector now opens up new trading possibilities for traders looking for the edge Vantagepoint’s artificial intelligence offers."

See the science of artificial intelligence and how Vantagepoint Software can help traders of any market type with a personalized demo at or by calling 1-800-732-5407.

About Vantagepoint AI, LLC.

Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Vantagepoint AI, creators of Vantagepoint Software, is a leader in trading software research and software development. Vantagepoint forecasts Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, and ETFs with proven accuracy of up to 86%. Using artificial intelligence, Vantagepoint’s patented Intermarket Analysis and Neural Network processes predict changes in market trend direction up to three days in advance, enabling traders to get in and out of trades at optimal times with confidence. Vantagepoint is also actively committed to giving back in the Tampa Bay community and to Shriners Hospitals for Children donating more than $650,000 since 2007.

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VantagePoint Software remains at the forefront of trading software research and development. The proprietary software uses Artificial Intelligence and patented intermarket analysis to predict today's globally interconnected financial markets.

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