ARTIDIS Joins the TMC Accelerator Device Cohort to Ensure That Its Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Optimization Innovation Gains Early Access to the US Market

ARTIDIS announces its successful integration in the highly competitive international Medical Device Cohort 2019 of the Texas Medical Center's (TMC) Innovation Institute.

ARTIDIS is one of the 16 startups selected worldwide from more than 140 competing healthcare companies for the 9th TMC accelerator medical device cohort. After completing the TMC Accelerator Program that culminated with a Demo Day presentation on Nov. 7, 2019, ARTIDIS is now embedded in the world's largest medical center. TMC is pioneering in patient care, research and technology, education and prevention. The TMC Innovation Accelerator (TMCx) is a program environment aimed at impacting the healthcare industry by fostering the integration of cutting-edge technology from around the world in the clinic.

As part of this unique ecosystem, ARTIDIS is now in the process of an early introduction of its high-end technology into the U.S. market to generate added value for the healthcare system and patients. TMCx is supporting the company in establishing its U.S. office and offers connections to individuals who provide legal and regulatory guidance focusing on the rapid deployment of the ARTIDIS device and data platform within the TMC hospital network. TMCx also provides extensive support in fundraising, connection with scientific and business advisors, and access to the local investor network. Most recently, ARTIDIS was selected to present at the 2019 Texas Life Science Conference, which is the premier life science event in Texas that brings together members from industry, emerging life science companies, academics, and investors.

As Marija Plodinec, PhD, CEO of ARTIDIS states: “Being part of TMCx is a great opportunity for us as it provides access to a unique environment at the forefront of science and innovation – the best place to take patient care to the next level. It also enables us to further strengthen ongoing scientific and clinical collaborations focusing on breast, lung and pancreatic cancer with our colleagues from three major institutions within TMC: Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Houston Methodist Research Institute.”

Alastair Thompson, MD, MBChB, Professor and Chief, Section of Breast Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine, comments: “The collaboration with ARTIDIS is an exciting opportunity to bring novel technology to patient care and, together with TMC, place ARTIDIS in the front line of implementing innovative solutions to clinical problems, starting with breast cancer.”

Vittorio Cristini, PhD, Director, Mathematics in Medicine Program, Houston Methodist Research Institute, and scientific collaborator of ARTIDIS adds: “The integration of ARTIDIS technology with the mechanistic mathematical models that I have developed with my team will allow us to revolutionize individualized treatment optimization for cancer patients. This technology powerhouse, combined with the extensive availability of real patient data that we have through our collaborators here at the TMC, is the formula that will enable us to impact cancer care in the upcoming years in potentially unprecedented ways. This is an exciting place and time to be at in leading medicine.”

Lance Black, MD, MBID, Associate director at TMCx comments: “Prior to joining TMCx, ARTIDIS established collaborations with leading clinical researchers at multiple TMC Member Institutions. The TMC Innovation team is dedicated to providing additional resources and infrastructure to ARTIDIS so that they may capitalize on these relationships. TMC Innovation is excited to support ARTIDIS’ U.S. clinical studies, as they prepare for U.S. market entry. Marija Plodinec and her team have already proven to be an excellent addition to our TMC Innovation community, and we look forward to their positive impact on healthcare.”

Anil Shetty, MD, Advisor to TMCx added: “The ARTIDIS platform and software will expedite biopsy-based tumor diagnosis with their unique nanomechanical biomarker, enhance treatment decision making and drop healthcare costs by preventing unnecessary treatments. It has a great future in non-oncology applications too.”

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ARTIDIS AG is a spinoff from the Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland that has developed the first nanomechanical biomarker for cancer diagnosis and treatment optimization. ARTIDIS nanotechnology platform integrates different types of clinical data into the ARTIDISNet digital platform, allowing physicians to significantly shorten the current diagnostic process and bringing benefit to both the patient and the healthcare system. ARTIDIS enables professionals to design personalized cancer treatment plans tailored to the individual patient needs and desired outcomes. For more information, please visit

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At ARTIDIS AG, we are committed to radically improving health outcomes by harnessing the power of nanotechnology and innovation. We enable rapid diagnosis and treatment optimization tailored to individual patient needs and desired outcomes.

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