Arthrokinex Announces IRAPjoint Product, a Non-Drug, Non-Surgical Joint Pain Management Solution Made From Your Own Blood.

To date, this treatment was only available to NFL and NBA athletes and other professional athletes and the wealthy via traveling to Europe.

IRAPjoint - a joint pain solution

Arthrokinex announces the release of IRAPjointTM therapy in the USA. This therapy has recently been highlighted by several professional football players traveling to Europe for treatment. The process works by using one’s own blood – specifically the body's own anti-inflammatory proteins and human-growth elements – to end or ease pain and chronic injuries.

Recently a well-known Seattle Seahawks player and four of his teammates are sitting out a week of training camp to receive a blood-healing treatment from a European supplier an IRAP-based treatment solution. Other  NBA, MLB and NHL  superstars have also utilized the treatment.

Leading edge joint pain technology, using your own blood, is now available in the United States. To date, only wealthy and professional athletes have been able to afford this therapy by traveling to Europe. This fast, safe, effective non-drug, non-surgical solution for chronic joint pain is now also very cost effective and available through local physician partnerships.

Dr. Angelique Barreto, Medical Director

This treatment was developed by a German physician, Dr. Peter Wehling, in the 1980s. By using one’s own blood – specifically the body's own anti-inflammatory proteins and human-growth elements – to end or ease pain and chronic injuries. During the process, blood is drawn from the patient and then injected back into the pained joint.

A European company and their U.S. affiliate started using IRAP to treat joint pain from inflammation in the 1980s; the price reported was $10,000. The European-based process was the inspiration for Dr. Barreto of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to work on developing a stronger, more effective, and more cost-efficient version in the United States.   

After years of development and process optimization, the U.S. product IRAPjointTM is now ready.  Significantly better concentration, healing/pain reduction durability, faster production (just one hour), one-fifth the price, and chemical additive free, IRAPjointTM is now available in multiple physician practices throughout the United States.

IRAPjointTM is produced through a single blood draw which is enough for a full year’s treatment of up to 12 injections. Typically, the treatment process is painless and just takes a few minutes and consists of one injection per week for three weeks, followed by quarterly injections, as needed. Success has been achieved in knees, hip and shoulder joints.

Finally, a U.S. based company has a solution for America’s professional and weekend athletes as well as those struggling with aching or arthritic joints.  It’s a non-drug, non-surgical treatment derived from your own blood. The cost of the USA-based IRAPjointTM treatment is $2,000 compared to the reported price of $10,000 for a foreign competitor.

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Source: Arthrokinex, LLC

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