ArtBrief Has Launched a New Mobile and Classical Photography Marketplace

ArtBrief is a unique creative platform that allows photographers and brands to connect and work together.

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ArtBrief, a new curated platform for photography, has launched a new website and an iPhone app in the Apple Store. ArtBrief enables photographers to sell their images to brands, agencies, and publications that are looking for specific photographs and have photography needs for projects. ArtBrief was created by photographers for photographers to put the control back in the hands of creatives.

The platform has a showroom where photographers can upload and show and sell, at their own pricing, their best images. ArtBrief also has an incognito mode, which allows photographers to hide their username for individual or all images both in the showroom but also when submitting to job briefings. It allows them to sell photos anonymously at competitive prices without compromising their artistic reputation.

“ArtBrief puts the control right back in the hands of photographers,” says Lado Alexi, photographer, founder and CEO of ArtBrief. “We are excited to launch our website and mobile app. ArtBrief allows photographers to control their content and sell their photos to who they want to and for whatever price they set. There are millions of unseen photos on hard drives and mobile phones, and even more yet to be created on request. Now photographers have an easy and unique way to showcase their talent and earn an income.” 

Clients can buy photography taken by professional photographers and visual artists on demand or directly from the image gallery. With ArtBrief, clients are able to benefit from the creativity of up and coming talents and the spontaneity of content creation. If there is a specific project, clients can create a brief of what they need, upload references, and set a budget and deadline - free of charge and if desired without disclosing their brand or agency. With one click they can reach hundreds of talented photographers who are listed on ArtBrief, receive suggestions, and pick and license the right image for their project.

ArtBrief charges photographers only 15% commission if an image is sold as a direct download from the gallery, and 0% for sales upon request and through briefings. To learn more about the platform, visit and download the app in the Apple Store.

About ArtBrief

ArtBrief is a curated platform that connects clients and photographers from around the world and enables them to find each other and work and create together. For more information, visit

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ArtBrief is a photography platform where photographers can sell their image at prices that they determine even anonymously. Clients can post briefings, and reach hundreds of talents with one click, receive suggestions and pick the right image.

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