Art Tiger - A Step Towards Tiger Conservation

Artiger is an initiative to generate awareness about Tiger conservation among the masses. Tiger is one of the most endangered species which is on the verge of extinction and conservation of this tiger is the responsibility of every citizen.

Tiger Conservation in India was first organized by the Telecomm Company Aircel back in 2010. As per Chinese astrology, 2010 is the year of Tiger; no wonder during that time Tiger conservation efforts were made in several other countries so as to protect this beautiful, majestic animal. Artiger is the first dedicated effort to bring about the Tiger conservation cause into the limelight. Conservation of this specie is the responsibility of every citizen and Artiger endeavors to go an extra mile for the cause. is an initiative of social activist Nandita Baig in coordination with Seven Arts gallery director Aparajita Jain and Swapan Seth, of advertising firm Equus Red Cell. The vision of the group is to generate awareness about conservation of tiger and spread the word about it.

And, art happen to be one of the most creative platforms to communicate the message about a cause one is passionate about. The Artiger project is an endeavor of 58 artists and 50 corporate houses across the country making tiger sculptures and statues. Some of the eminent artists associated with the project include Anjolie Ela Menon, Akshay Rathore, Arpita Singh, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Jayasri Burman, Arzan Khambatta and Manu Parekh. The vision of this group is to generate awareness amongst the masses regarding importance of conserving wildlife on the planet. In order to make the effort successful, renowned artists across India have contributed towards making tiger statues, sculptures which are placed at various important places across Delhi. The tiger art is put at display at eminent places including Lodi Gardens, Children's Park, PVR Cinemas Ambience Mall, The Park Hotel, India Habitat Centre and more.

What's more, the tiger sculpture and artwork were being presented to 56 large corporate houses and a fund of One Lakh and Fifty Thousand rupees were being contributed by each of them. The fund was handed over to Ranthambore foundation, a tiger conservation trust run by Valmik Thapar which would channelize the same for the cause of conservation and welfare of this animal.
Additionally, the fund will be used for to foster economic growth of women living in and around the outskirts of tiger habitats. This would reduce their dependence on forest for livelihood and hence would also contribute to conservation of forest reserves.
To devote to a cause is a passion and art is an expression of passion. Tiger Art is all about expressing your awareness to a cause through the medium of art; it is an endeavor to make a difference to your life in a creative, thoughtful way.