'Art@Home' Exhibition Sponsored by Budget Collector on September 2 at 6 PM in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Complimentary wine provided for participants in Budget Collector's conceptual art exhibit

Art @ Home - Budget Collector

 Budget Collector is sponsoring the "Art@Home" event at the Henry Zarrow Center for Art & Education (124 E. Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103). The event encourages visitors to sit and reflect on fine art. Often, exhibition visitors rush through each artwork without reflecting on the relevance of the artwork to their daily lives. The conceptual art exhibit and event induces visitors to reflect on how fine art makes them feel. The event is co-sponsored with Royce Myers Gallery (1706 S. Boston Ave., Tulsa, OK, 74119), an affordable fine art gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The gallery is one of the largest in the region, with original works that fit everyone's budget, so everyone can return to their home with fine art.

The exhibition will be up the entire month of September, but the conceptual art exhibit is only available to be seen live on Sept. 2, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Royce Myers will display several artworks available to purchase at his gallery. The featured artists include Anke Dodson, Lisa Regan, Jean Richardson, Derek Penix, Susan Eddings, Jarvis, Karen Kuykendall, and Ryan Lee. Michelle Firment Reid will also display a selection of work that can be purchased through Joseph Gierek Fine Art (1342 East 11th Street, Tulsa, OK, 74120).

Myers said, "It's not often that public art institutions support private galleries, and I'm excited to be a part of the event."

The University of Tulsa's Zarrow Center is one of the most innovative spaces for viewing art on First Friday. Sean Latham, University of Tulsa's OCH Director said, "We're delighted to welcome Art@Home to the University of Tulsa's Zarrow Gallery. This innovative use of technology challenges the snobbish idea that only the rich can afford great art by helping anyone learn how to confidently and affordably bring the power of beauty into their lives."

The "Art@Home" back room features a couch decorated like a cozy modern living room. Participants during the live event will be asked a series of questions as they view the artworks rated the most extreme in the AI Art Advisor app. Their reactions and responses will be recorded and live-streamed behind the musical performance of Josh Westbrook.

The participants of the live conceptual exhibit will be given permanent memorabilia that will allow them to have a limited amount of free drinks throughout the night.

"The event is meant to be the summation of what Budget Collector accomplished in Tulsa," says Budget Collector CEO Ebonique Boyd, "if we also happen to launch a special new app feature at the event…that's for the public to find out!"

For more information, visit https://www.budgetcollector.org/2022/08/17/arthome-exhibition-sponsored-by-budget-collector-on-september-2nd-at-6-pm/.


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