Art Guard Introduces a Program for Insurers of Fine Art

Art Guard's MAP has been installed in the homes of high-end collectors in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Art Guard

​​​​Art Guard, the standard in asset protection technology, announces a program developed with insurers of fine art and valuable assets to help mitigate the risk of theft. The program has been designed to make it easy for underwriters and brokers to introduce Art Guard’s Magnetic Asset Protection (MAP) solution to private collectors, galleries and museums as a means of primary or secondary protection. The program also makes it attractive for the collector or institution by offering a 15% rebate upon installation of the security devices.  

“This program focuses on the private collectors who are the victims of more than 50% of art theft. Most collectors are unaware of their vulnerability and the risk of theft, trusting that their primary security system is adequate to protect against break-ins. The greatest risk, however, is during daytime hours when the alarm system is turned off to allow for movement of staff, workers, guests and even family. This is when priceless objects are at the greatest risk for theft. Surprisingly, the usual security systems often are not turned on during the day or monitoring contracts are allowed to lapse. Sometimes, the systems can be compromised. Perimeter security systems are no longer secure in these instances,” said Bill Anderson, Managing Partner of Art Guard.

Working with the major insurers of fine art, Art Guard emphasizes education for collectors. “Insurance underwriters and brokers will make their clients aware of security vulnerabilities that can be addressed by installing Art Guard, while making the price of protection even more attractive. The program offers a formula for reducing risk for both insurers and collectors. A similar program is available for galleries and museums,” said Anderson.

The MAP technology uses a tiny rare earth magnet, attached to the valued object, plus a wireless sensor located nearby to track the magnet’s movement. Once the sensor is enrolled into a control panel, any movement of the object triggers an alert and produces a customized response, whether an alarm, a text, an email and/or a phone call. MAP can be integrated into a number of well-known security systems and programmed to be on 24/7. Art Guard also offers the MAP System, a stand-alone, plug-and-play system that can operate on IP with cellular back up and Wi-Fi as a third option. The entire system can be managed with a cell phone, similar to home automation in ease of use. MAP is unique in its ability to protect almost any object of any size, including art, collectibles, memorabilia, jewelry, antiques, outdoor sculpture and wine. Its flexibility, safety for the art and affordability make it a highly attractive security solution in any situation. Art Guard introduced MAP in 2014 and has installations in the homes of numerous high-end collectors, major museums and galleries in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

“Art theft is a growing problem in the US and worldwide,” said Anderson. “As art proliferates and its value continues to climb, the consequences of theft have never been greater. Art Guard offers discrete protection that allows collectors to have peace of mind while enjoying the display of their artworks.”  

Caitlin Kelly of Frenkel & Company, a leading broker of fine art insurance, said: “From our point of view, Art Guard is the most effective security device for your art and collectibles on the market”. 

About Art Guard
Art Guard provides innovative, museum-grade solutions for protection from theft of art and valuable assets in any facility. Its unique wireless sensor offers comprehensive protection for any stationary asset, no matter the size. Art Guard’s Magnetic Asset Protection (MAP) solution alarms each individual object, while offering accessibility and enhancing the viewer experience. For more information, please visit

Bill Anderson

Source: Art Guard