Art Gallery Weekend Event Series in Bellevue, PA

We are launching an exciting new series with the artwork styles of Arne Hansen and Gordon Satri. Tristan Reid will read from a selection of his writings on Friday evening March 18 at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and Saturday, March 19, will feature poet Nick Romeo. We are pleased to present the jazz sounds of the "Dante Romito Band" on Friday and Saturday evening. The band will be performing their first instrumental rock single, the "Guardian Angel".

Get your creative juices flowing by celebrating the 2016 Artists’ Gallery’s  “Art Gallery Weekend Events Series” of exhibitions with opening nights to be held on the last Friday & Saturday evenings of each month.

Gallery Location:
31 North Balph Avenue
Bellevue, PA 15202 
(412) 339-8943

"The show is very compelling and worthwhile to see. We should all be very excited about a gallery of this caliber in Bellevue. Stop in, you won't be disappointed."

Pamela Russell, Owner

Gallery Opening Receptions:
Friday and Saturday
March 18 & 19,  6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

 Each event in the 2016 series will feature works by many of our established and burgeoning visual artists, beautiful performances by professional musicians and student musicians from local colleges, plus a variety of published and unpublished poetry and novelistic readings by some of our local authors.  We hope you will take the time to explore the dozens of artists on display and enjoy a weekend high-lighted by a celebration of the arts in Bellevue.

Artist, Arne Hansen has selected works that speak to the varied directions taken by his art from straight photography to highly manipulated and composite images to hand drawn and clone drawn digital paintings. 

Gordon Sarti’s photography uses light to convey a message and the inspiraton he feels when capturing the subject matter throughout his artwork. 

Tristan Reid is a local comedian, actor and author. He recently performed at the Moth Grandslam. He will be producing a new performance series featuring local playwrights and screenwriters with pieces entitled "Unproduced Theater". 

Dante Romito is an up and coming instrumental guitarist from Pittsburgh.  In November 2015, Dante released his first instrumental single, “Guardian Angel”. 

Nick Romeo is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and poet. His writings have been published in “The Brentwood Anthology, by Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange,” Uppagus, Rune, StreetCake Magazine, Eye Contact, Syzygy, and others.

The Artists’ Gallery exhibitions have been received extremely well by our visitors. Our most recent exhibit featured work contributed by the Pittsburgh Area Fine Art Photographers Group. The exhibition featured more than 40 stunning expressions of fine art presented with a “no limitations on subject matter” context and consisted of portraits that gave many local artists an outlet to display quality.

The event was replete with four beautiful and talented flutists from the CMU Dept. of Music whose alluring strains added a magical ambiance to the evening.  The plethora of photographic pieces offered something to everyone ranging from stunning still life, ethereal nudes, breath taking landscapes, waterfalls, and striking animals.

The Artists’ Gallery located in Bellevue promotes the work of our guest artists through our web site, social media, galas and creative events. It strives to advocate for and serve the local art and cultural community by offering the resources of the Artists’ Gallery to host everything from parties and exhibitions to workshops and galas.

Beginning in March and throughout the remainder of 2016, the Artists’ Gallery is hosting exciting exhibitions to be held on the last Friday and Saturday of each month. The exhibitions will be held with opening night receptions on each night!  Now patrons can enjoy the warm ambiance that comes with an opening night reception on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Meet and greet the artists, discover their inspirations, and enjoy the fun of an opening night reception.  Now you can choose which reception is most convenient and even double the fun by attending both receptions.