Around Cryptocurrency Service Allows Bitcoin Users to Send and Receive Bitcoin Without a Wallet

Through the Around.WS Address to Address Transfer Tool, Bitcoin Users Can Make Direct Transfers, Securing Their Cryptocurrency

Around.WS Bitcoin Address to Address Direct Transfer

Around Corporation (Pty) Ltd, a South African company located in Cape Town, has launched their Around Cryptocurrency Wallet Services, one of the tools that allow Bitcoin users to send and receive cryptocurrency without a wallet by direct Bitcoin address to address transfer. This eliminates concerns about wallet hacking and users from losing their cryptocurrency within a wallet. With the Around.WS Bitcoin Address to Address direct transfer tool, users are able to gain real control of their Bitcoin.

“Many people think the only way to send and receive Bitcoin is with a wallet, but that’s not true,” says Theo Fitchat, CTO of Around Corporation (Pty) Ltd. “Getting users back to the basics is important to avoid hacking and a loss of funds. As long as the Bitcoin address is available, a simple transfer can be made through our transfer tool.”

The Around.WS Bitcoin Address to Address direct transfer tool is easy to use. Simply open up the tool at from a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Once a secure communication channel has been set up, all the user needs to do is provide the details of the Fund From and Fund To section, then follow instructions to make the direct transfers. Users can manage the amount sent, creating multi-address to multi-address transactions, as well as seeing the time estimate for a transaction to be accepted into the Bitcoin network.

Fitchat launched his company in 2017, but this is not his first tech endeavor. He grew up in South Africa and studied at North-West University. Fitchat has had more than 15 years of experience in developing systems for finance and security. He has a strong understanding of cryptography and security as well as the mind of a criminal hacker. Fitchat is able to apply his knowledge to make systems secure and impenetrable, and teach others to do the same.

Some of his notable achievements include the creation of an affordable security keypad for home entry, controlled by a personal computer called “Mex”; creation of a system called “Canary” that receives dangerous gas data from underground and alerts control room operators at mines; and the creation of a crossword generator called “Cluedapp” that markets products and services.

About Around Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Around Corporation (Pty) Ltd, located in Cape Town, South Africa, has launched their Around.WS Bitcoin Address to Address direct transfer tool, allowing Bitcoin users a secure transfer without the use of a wallet. For more information, visit Around.WS

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