Arkieva Announces New Organization

Designed to Support Customer Growth and Technology Trends

Arkieva, an industry-leading supply chain planning solutions and consulting provider, today announced a new organization designed to support customer growth and technology trends, including new Center of Excellence and Professional Services teams.

The following promotions have occurred:

  • Edward Smith is the new Global Head of Professional Services, where he will lead Arkieva's mandate to deliver solutions that make our customers successful, including oversight of the Customer Experience and Solutions team and the Center of Excellence.
  • Chris Richards is the new VP, Customer Experience and Solutions, where she will provide leadership and strategic direction with an emphasis on relationship management, consistent project delivery and provide excellent ongoing solutions support.
  • Jelle Clement is the new Global Director of Center of Excellence, where he will focus on improving Arkieva's delivery by institutionalizing best practices and providing consultant-specific training.
  • Ernie Untereiner is the new VP, Sales and Marketing, where he will continue to lead and expand a team focused on new customer acquisition, existing customer base growth and marketing programs.
  • Shankara Gurumurthy is the new VP, Presales, where he will lead a team of solution experts who will showcase the fit of the Arkieva solution to the business problems of future customers.

"This new organizational structure allows Arkieva to best serve our customers, enable maximum benefit from our solutions and position us to lead the way in emerging technologies such as SaaS, machine learning and artificial intelligence," says Harpal Singh, CEO of Arkieva. Effective immediately, these changes reflect the core pillars of Arkieva's mission: talent, technology and transformation.


Driving business transformation through better supply chain planning processes.

For nearly 30 years, Arkieva has worked with leading companies across a wide range of industries with a laser-like focus on business performance. We have analyzed, developed, pivoted, tested, and retested the best solutions for the greatest of challenges. This is one of many reasons that Arkieva is so well regarded in the analyst community and has such strong client retention rates and referral business.

We are change agents at our core and always pushing ourselves to create solutions that not only solve today's challenges, but the ones of tomorrow. In the simplest and most intuitive way possible.

Ultimately, Arkieva's software and competence today mirror both our experience and desire to innovate, create and be at the forefront of supply chain planning. We look forward to every new challenge. It's in our DNA.

Arkieva. No fluff. Just real solutions.


Source: Arkieva

About Arkieva

We live in a dynamic market where speed, accuracy and efficiency are critical for corporate development and scale. And we believe that leveraging the power of supply chain technology drives business transformation.

Everything we do is aimed at solving complex planning challenges, and creating cutting-edge technology that enables you to run your business at peak performance. At Arkieva, we are change agents at the core, and because of our problem-solving mindset, we keep challenging ourselves to create solutions that not only solve today’s challenges, but the ones of tomorrow. In the simplest and most intuitive way possible. For you.

This is no easy task. And for close to 30 years we have put the brightest minds in the business together and have analyzed, developed, pivoted, tested and retested the best solutions to the greatest of challenges. Our software and competence today mirrors both our experience and our desire to innovate and create. And to be on the forefront of supply chain planning.

We are the ones that solve problems others cannot. And we live and breathe for your business to benefit and thrive because of the way our solutions unlock the true value of your supply chain.

No fluff. Just real solutions.

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