Arizona Title I Charter School Operator Closing the Education Gap With Incredible 2022-23 Results

AMS Campuses Achieve Remarkable Growth and Excellence, Expanding Nationally in 2024

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The Academies of Math and Science (AMS), the only multi-school charter operator in Arizona serving a student population over 75% eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) based on Arizona Department of Education (ADE) data, is making headlines for all the right reasons. ADE just released official letter grades for the 2022-23 school year showcasing AMS’s remarkable progress as 8,500 AMS students achieved tremendous growth after learning loss from the COVID-19 pandemic.

AMS, a longstanding Arizona Title I charter school network dedicated to educating and supporting underserved students, proudly announces that five AMS campuses have achieved coveted A ratings and five have secured B ratings. According to ADE, an A rating denotes excellence, and a B rating represents high performance. These exceptional results highlight the tremendous effort of AMS students, families, administrators, teachers, and staff who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality education.

These letter grades emphasize AMS's dedication to growth and excellence in closing the educational gap, particularly among underserved student populations. According to the report, AMS stands among the highest-performing charter networks in the state offering quality education to a 78% FRL-eligible and 93% minority student population that may not have access to the programs they need otherwise.

Key highlights from the letter grades release include:

  • AMS is one of only five Arizona charter school networks to achieve exclusively A and B letter grades. Notably, AMS is the sole network serving a high-FRL eligible community (+70%) to attain this distinction. 
  • AMS Peoria Advanced achieved incredible growth, elevating from a C to an A in just one year by earning more than 30 letter-grade points compared to last year. 
  • AMS Camelback grew from a C to a B with an 18-point increase compared to last year. 
  • AMS Flower improved from a B to an A rating due to its passionate community of students and staff.
  • In Tucson, AMS Prince and MASSA maintained their consistent A-ratings, a testament to the dedicated and data-driven approach of the staff at these longstanding schools.

AMS Chief Academic Officer Nate Lowry is incredibly proud of the leadership teams and staff who achieved this year’s letter grades. Lowry emphasized that these results are a direct reflection of the team's continuous pursuit of excellence and thanked them for ensuring that students feel seen, safe, and educated every day. 

Lowry congratulated every member of the AMS family, expressing his pride in working with a network that prioritizes student achievement above all else. Furthermore, AMS recently announced exciting news for the future — AMS is expanding nationally, with plans to open its first location in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2024. This expansion advances AMS's commitment to educating underserved student populations and continuing its mission for communities in need nationwide.

Source: The Academies of Math and Science

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