Arizona Non-Profit Has 'Boots on the Ground' in Mozambique to Assist in Hurricane Idai Relief - Two Million People Affected

Care for Life seeks monetary donations to immediately help those in need

Hurricane Idai destroyed homes in Mozambique Care for Life village

Care For Life, an Arizona-based anti-poverty charity working in Mozambique, is pleading with the public for donations to save the lives of those endangered by Hurricane Idai. Emergency donations are being taken on

An estimated 1,000 people are dead after the hurricane made landfall. Much of the country is still under water and the total body count still not known. Flooding and winds as high as 106 miles per hour destroyed over 90 percent of the infrastructure and homes in Mozambique. Food is scarce because almost all crops have been destroyed. The hospitals are far past capacity and contaminated water is spreading cholera. Standing water greatly increases concerns of malaria.

“We are very lucky to have a staff made up of Mozambique citizens in the affected area,” said Care for Life President Linda Harper. “Now that our team has gotten themselves and their families in a safe place, we are ready to start helping others. Money is our biggest need. This will allow us to arrange transportation and purchase supplies such as food and all the other basics the people of Mozambique need right now. As more funding comes in, it will go directly to help the people in the center of this disaster. Those who want to help can go to our website.” 

Care For Life has 30 staff members on the ground ready to distribute aid. Monetary donations are most needed and will be used directly for relief efforts designed to prevent any further loss of life. Donations can be made at as well as

About Care for Life

Care for Life is a global non-profit organization operating with a comprehensive approach to ending poverty in a sustainable way by preserving the family while encouraging and enabling the principles of self-reliance. Care for Life operates in Mozambique, Africa. Donations to Care for Life can be made at

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Glen Galatan, Marketing & Funding Manager
​Care for Life 
3850 E. Baseline Rd., Ste 114, Mesa, AZ 85206-4403

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Care for Life is a non-profit organization helping families in extreme poverty in Mozambique Africa to become self-reliant.

Glen   Galatan
Glen Galatan
Marketing & Funding Manager, Care for Life
Care for Life
3850 E Baseline Rd #114, Mesa, AZ 85206 (#114)
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