Arizona Luxury Lawns Promotes the Benefits of Artificial Grass

Advantages Of Artificial Grass

Arizona Luxury Lawns, a provider of domestic and commercial artificial grass and turf, promotes the benefits of artificial grass as an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for lawn care.

Often, the installation techs at Arizona Luxury Lawns commonly face one question from many buyers: is fake grass better for the environment when compared to regular grass?

According to their professional staff, it is. Changing environmental landscapes have started levying a heavy responsibility to adopt and promote more ecologically sustainable practices. This is truer considering how many of their locations are primarily based in and around Scottsdale, an area that receives 11 inches of rain yearly, well below the national average of 38.

Currently, nearly 7 billion gallons of water gets consumed through outdoor uses every day, a majority of which is for lawn maintenance. By promoting the use of artificial grass, Arizona Luxury Lawns hopes to spread awareness in helping conserve these natural resources and demonstrating that the advantages of artificial grass make it sustainable for the environment.

As far as eco-friendly artificial turf in Arizona goes, it’s much more durable and virtually maintenance-free. Chief among the benefits of synthetic grass is that it consumes less water than its real counterpart, quickly saving millions of gallons of water in the U.S. alone. 

ALL’s staff further reports that maintenance equipment, such as lawnmowers, consumes a lot of gas and fossil fuels that emit harmful greenhouse gases. More than 5% of urban air pollution is attributed to gas-powered mowers.

Another issue with the maintenance of real grass is that it requires the use of fertilizers and pesticides – harsh chemicals that can damage the environment and can harm the animal and marine wildlife as well. Synthetic grass from Arizona Luxury Lawns is a long-lasting solution that doesn’t require the use of these expensive chemicals to look beautiful.

Considering such advantages, Arizona Luxury’s staff believes there is no point questioning is artificial grass worth it. Their experts believe that artificial grass is a lot easier on the eyes, on the pocket, and the environment. 

About The Company

Arizona Luxury Lawns are an industry leader in the production and installation of synthetic grass in the United States. With a focus on technology and customer satisfaction, the company has garnered widespread acclaim for providing durable and high-quality artificial grass products.


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