Arizona Luxury Lawns Offering Arizona Artificial Grass Alternative For High Summer Temperatures

Residents can enjoy a beautiful yard without regular maintenance and upkeep.

Arizona Artificial Grass

Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens is bolstering summer renovations by offering low-maintenance Arizona artificial grass, suitable for residentialcommercial, and athletic settings. A leader among Arizona landscaping companies, their team also services public areas such as schools, golf courses, and playgrounds. 

The company utilizes synthetic grass for its set of advantages over natural grass, including minimal upkeep and its resistance to extreme hot, or cold weather. The average homeowner can spend thousands per year constantly watering, mowing, and fertilizing natural grass, all of which its artificial alternatives make unnecessary. Artificial grass also saves homeowners from the costs of hiring a pricy lawn mower, or local crew.

Among the most appreciated features of Arizona Luxury Lawns' artificial grass, is their use of eco-friendly materials. Synthetic grass blades are safe for the environment and are non-toxic to humans and pets. Plus, residents can eliminate fertilizers and weed killers normally used with natural grass, preventing exposure to poisonous substances. Any weed presence within the artificial turf is immediately obstructed by bordered weed fabric, conveniently cancelling out the need to pull weeds ever again.

According to the Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens team, Arizona homeowners, property managers, schools, and more, can also take comfort in the water-saving potential that artificial grass poses. A natural lawn takes 55 gallons of water per square foot per year to maintain, equating to over 40,000 gallons of water to keep an 800 square foot lawn in shape. Arizona residents can save approximately 650,000 gallons of water within a 15-year period.

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About Arizona Luxury Lawns

With more than 45 years of combined experience in the industry, Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens is one of Arizona's leading suppliers and installers of artificial grass for residential and commercial projects. Offering unparalleled quality and competitive pricing, Arizona Luxury Lawns helps customers add to the aesthetic value of properties and communities with the highest quality artificial turf, greatly cutting down on maintenance expenses and ensuring a stunning lawn for many years to come.

Source: Arizona Luxury Lawns