Arizona Author Advises Couples Headed For The Altar "Consider Your Finances And Personal Assets"

Words to the wise: Live, love, and learn ways to protect your assets in advance of the Big Day by reading Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce

Going to the chapel? Gonna get married? Congratulations! Getting married is a big step ... a great big, wonderful, life changing step. For those who are getting married again, or who have acquired assets separate from their soon-to-be-spouse, you may wish to consider a little financial planning BEFORE saying, "I do". The recently released book, Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce, will help identify and suggest methods to protect your sole and separate assets from the community. Waiting till after the wedding day may prove to be a financial disaster and cause problems within your new marriage.

Weddings are usually focused on the ceremony, the exchanging of rings and vows. Too often, financial issues are left to be discussed after the honeymoon and sometimes only when an issue arises. Many marriages end prematurely due to lack of financial planning. Identifying your individual and community assets before you get married may help lessen any misunderstandings between the couple and allow for a much healthier "financial" marriage.

Author Charles Jackson wrote "Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce" for all couples. The book provides a great deal of resourceful information for individuals to get educated and understand the "business" aspects of marriage and the important role finances and wealth play in a successful marriage. "In fact", Jackson proclaims, "I feel the book will help marriages last longer and survive, where they might otherwise fail".

The first section of the book identifies issues to consider, before getting married, such as:

Chapter One: Preparation and Understanding
Contract with the State
Prenuptial Agreements
Living Trusts

Chapter Two: Identification of Personal Belongings
Hobbies, Collectibles, and Other Interests
Community Assets/Income
Common Law
Self-employment relating to Community Income
Efforts of Community in Sole and Separate Assets
Individual Debts
Credit Scores
(Other sections of the book discuss topics to consider before getting divorced, the divorce process, and strategies designed to help protect your individual assets from the perils of divorce proceedings.)

Jackson admittedly holds no degrees in counseling or psychology, nor is he an attorney or CPA. Jackson's intention and reason for writing Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce was to help others gain knowledge about the legal and contractual processes involving marriage and divorce, and to offer preventive measures for those considering either decision.

"Ideally, people will read the book before getting married and consider the financial implications of marriage. Ask yourself, what assets do I have at risk?" Jackson questioned "When you consider the small investment in the book and what you can learn, the stress you can save in your marriage or cost-savings during a divorce, are substantial", Jackson exclaimed.

Obtain your signed copy of Second Thoughts on Marriage and Divorce directly from the author at: for only $35, (retain price of $49.95). You can also order the book online at or

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