Aristotle Ranks Top in Key Data Points

Independent Study Shows Data Firm Delivers Highest-Quality Data

Aristotle, the leader in political, consumer and financial data, and technology, today announced that it scored at the top of the list in political party affiliation with over-indexing in Democrats, Republicans and Independents as well as Race and Ethnicity, HHI, Presence of Children, Renters, Married, Pet Owners and Small Business Owners in Q3 2021. The Truthscore Ranking Report is conducted quarterly by Truthset, an independent firm that measures the quality of consumer data to improve the performance of any data-driven activity.

"Global health and economic events have turned marketers' worlds upside down. More than ever, marketers need to make decisions anchored in data. Yet, even as marketers bury themselves in data, they are getting an inaccurate, and often misleading, picture," said Scott McKinley, CEO and founder of Truthset. "This is why we set out to create a standard to measure the quality of consumer data that marketers are buying and using. Using high-quality data to reach the right audience improves marketers' ROI."

"For nearly 40 years, Aristotle has provided clean, accurate data sets to politicians, corporations and associations," said Aristotle CEO John Phillips. "While powerful data is proving to be more invaluable for doing business, not all data is created equally. This study by Truthset shines a spotlight on Aristotle's gold-standard data, which has been used across most industries worldwide for many years."

Truthset created the first standardized score for data quality, which measures the quality of consumer and political data to help eliminate wasted marketing spend, poor campaign performance and consumer frustration caused by poorly targeted messages. Truthscores™ are numerical scores between 0.00 and 1.00 that denote the accuracy of the attributes associated with each record. They arm the marketer with knowledge of how accurate consumer data is to help them make better decisions about how they source, price and use consumer data.

Utilizing a "wisdom of the crowd" approach with diverse data assets, proprietary Truthscores™ are assigned to record-level data, whether it be first-, second- or third-party, to showcase where quality is high and where it may need to be improved. Marketers can use the scores to avoid wasting money on unqualified voters and consumers.

"Data coverage, accuracy and quality are extremely important to the success of our clients whether it be offline or online," said Aristotle Executive Vice President of Data Andrew Tavani. "Having a benchmark for the quality of data will help marketers and campaigns increase their performance and ROI rather than wasting valuable resources on low-quality data. There are many data sources and choosing the right data partner with high-quality data such as Aristotle will only increase the performance and success of their campaign."

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Truthset is a data intelligence company focused on verifying the accuracy of record-level consumer data and measuring campaign performance beyond age and gender. Truthset helps companies build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. For more information, please visit

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