Are You Satisfied With the Current State of Customer Service?

A take on the current state of customer service by TreeNewal's president, David Gaona

Customer service has been on the downfall in recent years, according to David Gaona, TreeNewal's president. He had this to say about the current state of customer service in America:
"Today in America, there is political unrest, division, hate, fear, anxiety, depression, unemployment, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more you can add to the list. However, there are many positive things as well, like the opportunity to live in America. A country that many people have migrated to because they see the opportunity to live a better life.

"Business owners across America are changing how they do business. As business owners, we currently have challenges hiring and retaining a strong workforce, not to mention the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer service has been on the decline. Poor customer service is not suitable for anyone. Lack of customer service will cause a downward spiral in our society. But what do we do, and how will we tackle the challenges? Are we going to accept this 'new normal'? 

"Here at TreeNewal, we have adapted and made changes implementing several core values that we will not compromise. First, we are ramping up our customer service department, making sure every customer has the best experience possible.  

"Second, we are creating an attractive and positive environment where employees have a safe place to learn and grow with their careers. Our goal is to make sure our employees have the opportunities they need so they can continue to grow alongside us. We are actively working with our employees on setting both personal and career goals, as well as focusing on making our company as transparent as possible.  

"Education is so vital in our industry. Which is why we are dedicated to educating our customers on proper tree care and maintenance. Trees are living, breathing organisms. Every tree is unique and has their own story to share - just like every person. If we care for them properly, they will bring so much to our lives and our environment. 

"As we continue to move forward, we hope you will see the TreeNewal difference in everything we do."

David Gaona

President, TreeNewal Certified Arborist

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Source: TreeNewal Certified Arborist