Arches Technology and Kettering Health Network to Present Engagement Data for MyCare Compass (MCC) at the International Cancer Education Conference on Oct. 5th in Atlanta

Arches Technology is a software company that licenses a HIPAA compliant content deployment platform to healthcare clients. In partnership with Kettering Health Network, Arches Technology developed MyCareCompass (MCC), a digital oncology education program for patients undergoing infusion chemotherapy. This Friday, Oct. 5th, Arches and Kettering will unveil preliminary data from the MCC program at the 2018 International Cancer Education Conference (ICEC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Representatives from Arches and Kettering Health Network will explain how MCC supplements the information that cancer patients receive at point-of-care to help them feel informed and prepared for their treatment.  A key strategy in developing this program was to provide patients with information about their upcoming chemotherapy procedures precisely when they need it in their treatment protocol, in a convenient digital format. These just-in-time communications help mitigate patient fear, anxiety, improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, and decrease healthcare resource utilization and costs.

The launch of MyCareCompass was a long time in the making. Our team along with KetteringHealth Network is committed to improving cancer patient education and preparation through the use of technology.

Tommy Zambelli, VP of Marketing and Customer Success

Kettering Health Network is a not-for-profit health system of 8 hospitals in Southwest Ohio, dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people in the communities they serve through healthcare and education.  The network’s expert oncology team provides patients throughout the Dayton region with life-changing state-of-the-art cancer-fighting technology, drug treatments, and other supportive resources.  Kettering Health Network believes that cancer care extends well beyond clinical treatment, so their holistic approach incorporates education, spiritual support, and guidance for patients and their families.  That’s why they partnered with Arches Technology to develop MCC. . “Arches Technology’s intuitive use of modern web-based technologies to reach our patients is deeply aligned with Kettering Health Network’s spirit of innovation. We are incredibly pleased with the success of our partnership in developing and implementing this break-through technology.” Said Elizabeth LaForce, Manager, Oncology Access for Kettering Cancer Care.

MyCareCompass was designed to offer easy-to-understand information that supports oncology patients throughout infusion chemotherapy. MCC is integrated with Kettering Health’s EMR platform (Epic) and operational workflow so that when infusion chemotherapy appointments are scheduled, emails and/or SMS messages with animated educational videos are automatically deployed from Kettering to patients. These digital communications explain what to expect during and after a port insertion and chemo infusion and include helpful tips to prepare for each treatment milestone. MCC complements the instructions provided at the point-of-care because relevant, patient-specific information and guidelines are sent before each key milestone in the patient’s treatment course.

At the 2018 ICEC, Arches and Kettering Health Network will discuss how the patient’s experience and wellbeing was top priority in creating this digital education program. For instance, MCC was developed according to health literacy best practices and cancer patient engagement data collected from 2005–2015. The program content was thoroughly vetted by patients, caregivers, Oncology Nurses and Oncologists for accuracy and value. The MCC system architecture is HIPAA compliant to ensure that patient health information is protected and securely transmitted.

The ICEC presentation will also highlight key performance metrics. In the 8 weeks following the launch of MCC, over 1,056 patients enrolled in the program. Email open rate average is 45.86% and click-through rate average is 20%, significantly exceeding normative averages.  

ARCHES and Kettering Health Network are getting ready to launch a new module for Immunotherapy treatment, and the multi-language translation is another initiative on the horizon.

“My team and I are thrilled to see this program flourishing. It took a lot of research, time and dedication to launch MyCareCompass, and it’s so gratifying to see that it’s improving oncology patients’ treatment experiences. We are excited about expanding the platform and EMR integration to include additional oncology disease states,” said Daniella Koren, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arches Technology.

“The launch of MyCareCompass was a long time in the making,” commented Tommy Zambelli, VP of Marketing and Customer Success. “Our team along with KetteringHealth Network is committed to improving cancer patient education and preparation through the use of technology.”

In addition to bolstering patient preparation and reducing anxiety, MCC has relieved administrative burdens for Kettering health Network’s Oncology care team according to recent staff surveys.

They are finding the program to be a valuable tool for improving clinical processes and efficiency. 

Equipping patients with knowledge promotes engagement and shared decision-making, which has enormous value for patients struggling with anxiety during cancer care. Through technology and innovation, Arches and Kettering Health Network are helping to achieve this with MyCareCompass, and the possibilities for other diseases states are promising.

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