Archarithms Expands Artificial Intelligence Capabilities With New Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Archarithms Research Laboratory

Archarithms, Inc. (ARCHARITHMS) is excited to announce it has expanded its Artificial Intelligence capabilities with the opening of its new Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, located in Huntsville, Alabama. The new Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is being used to develop Artificial Intelligent Computer Vision and Decision Support Solutions for Commercial, Department of Defense (DoD) and Other Government Agencies (OGAs) in a fraction of the time it may have previously taken. The new laboratory is home to ARCHARITHMS’ technical experts who can assist customers on-site with Artificial Intelligence challenges including data collection, data labelling, algorithm development, and network training to provide total system solutions.

“At ARCHARITHMS, Innovation and speed to market is our top priority, which is why the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was constructed.” ARCHARITHMS’ President/CEO, Randy Riley, stated, “We wanted to provide our clients a facility where they could interact with us directly face to face, and having a well-equipped environment in one location enables us to provide even more complete Artificial Intelligent Solutions with the shortest possible turnaround. We also wanted to address a gap in the market and as a result, we built the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Alabama’s first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Deep/Machine Learning Laboratory to perform data collection, data labelling, data synthesis, algorithm training and artificial intelligence experimentation.”

At ARCHARITHMS, Innovation and speed to market is our top priority, which is why the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was constructed.

Randy Riley


Archarithms’ Artificial Intelligence Laboratory houses two large Data Collection Machines for 360 degrees and edge on data collection that allows Real Time Data Collection, and Data Labeling. In addition, Archarithms’ Artificial Intelligence automated Data Augmentation and Enhancement software and computers are on site to quickly develop computer vision solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision relies on sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms to detect and classify target signatures. Data is often in the form of images from cameras or other sensors, although techniques also exist for non-imaging sensors. A fundamental challenge of Computer Vision is the detection and/or recognition of targets of interest in images that are often noisy and cluttered.

With these substantial tools and extensive knowledge, ARCHARITHMS can develop solutions to help our customers automatically recognize targets of interest, even in the most challenging environments and conditions. The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory allows ARCHARITHMS to continue to grow in Artificial Intelligence Development.

Deep/Machine Learning has recently become one of the hottest areas of interest in the tech industry with companies including Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook all devoting significant resources to the area. With recent advances in deep neural networks driving the current state-of-the-art in computer vision, there are significant advances to be made in Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) by adapting these new techniques for numerous computer vision applications.

ABOUT ARCHARITHMS, INC.: Archarithms (ARCHARITHMS®) is a CMMI Level III, Technology Solutions Provider headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Technologies and Command and Control solutions for the Department of Defense and Commercial Customers. Core competencies include developing innovative solutions, problem solving, algorithm development, modeling and simulation, hardware/software development, testing and evaluation.

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