ARCCAPTAIN Releases the Best 200Amps MIG Welder MIG200 in 2022

According to official news, the brand-new electric welding machine brand ARCCAPTAIN has released the new 200Amps mig welder MIG200, which is known as the best mig welder on the market, in terms of quality and function.

"Although the electric welding machine has a history of more than 100 years, there are few consumer-oriented brands in the market. And the price of the products is very high. In order to change this environment, ARCCAPTAIN established the ARCCAPTAIN brand with many years of technical experience and is committed to becoming a company that understands the consumers of electric welding machines," ARCCAPTAIN brand founder Esther Wu said.

ARCCAPTAIN MIG200 Product Development Engineer Jacob Lee said: "The ARCCAPTAIN MIG200 multifunction welder is a universal-class professional welder that is very simple to use. It can meet the needs of different scenarios in daily work and life."

Many brands claim that they are the "best" in the category. But time shows that only a few models meet the requirements. Among the same price machines, the ARCCAPTAIN MIG200 could be the best mig welder on the market in 2022 in terms of quality and functionality.

Why the MIG200 is so outstanding

Twenty years of expert databases and digital controls help improve the welding experience and quality. Customers only need to provide the parameters of the weld wire and material gas, and the machine automatically matches the current, voltage and welding speed. For veterans, customers can turn off the SYN function and solder in their own way.

What is more, when customers have different models of mig wires, whether solid wire or flux-cored wire, as well as rollers in sizes of D100 or D200, gas mig and gasless mig can meet all their needs.  

MMA welding is possible even in windy outdoor conditions and will be the star in customers' garages and gardens.

TIG will help customers with some beautiful, clean and precise welding to meet high demands. Spot welding can help customers handle ultra-thin plates, and spool guns can help complete the perfect weld even when customers are far away from the welder.

Other benefits of MIG200:

To protect the welding machine and the user, the machine is designed with overheating OH, overcurrent OC, overvoltage OV protection and on-off VRD function, protecting the circuit, When the user does not operate properly, the embedded software program will give an error code to guide the user to solve the problem.

Better 4.3-inch LED screen

Bigger sizes show more! The 4.3-inch LED screen displays welding parameters, welding process, material thickness, metal type, etc., and the characteristics of collision resistance, waterproofness, oil resistance make the screen perform well in different scenarios.

Strict Quality Control
Closed-loop quality control throughout the process ensures product quality. All products have passed the AMERICAN ANSI certification, the factory laboratory testing and the TUV and CSA witness certification.

The ARCCAPTAIN MIG200 machine is currently available on the official website and Amazon store. For more information, please visit


About Arccaptain

Arccaptain, Founded in Hong Kong and with more than 20 years R&D experience of wielding technology, and it has made great effort to the intelligent digital welding machine that is easy to operate.

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