Arcadia Adventures Reopens in Calgary

Exciting things are happening at Arcadia Adventures escape rooms in Calgary. They are reopening after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This time has been incredibly difficult for small businesses and hourly wage earners, in general. Of the industries that have been hit the hardest, hospitality, restaurants, and entertainment have spent a significant amount of time without operating or operating at a reduced capacity.

Thankfully, vaccine distribution has given local, provincial and federal governments information and cautious hope that the pandemic is losing its grip on our lives. Now, incredible businesses like Calgary escape rooms can once again provide their amazing services to happy and satisfied clients. Arcadia Adventures is looking forward to this new chapter.

So, what can people expect coming back to escape rooms after such a long break? Well, for starters, they can expect the same high-quality, team-based, puzzle-solving action they've come to expect and enjoy. Spooky, exotic and unique themes give context to the adventure, making it a desperate race against time as teams struggle to unlock the secrets of the room before time runs out. 

Additionally, returning fans and newcomers alike get to enjoy the quality service that escape rooms are known for. Fast, effective and friendly communication starts at the front desk and carries on throughout the experience, including the times when requesting a clue seems like the only thing to do. 

And, while the pandemic may appear to be winding down, all the necessary cleanliness and sanitation practices are still in effect. Group times are staggered to give staff the time they need to disinfect and clean each room completely. Plus, players are no longer grouped together, meaning that all escape rooms have become private experiences. 

An all-ages event that will leave a lasting impression, Arcadia Adventures is ready to deliver an amazing adventure for anyone looking to experience an awesome escape room in Calgary. Book a time slot now, or get a gift card to share the experience with someone you think will have a great time!

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