AR Sports Announces Third Patent Award

AR Sports announced today that it has been awarded its third and final patent in its series for Fantasy Sports Platform with Augmented Reality Player Acquisition (US Patent Number 11,123,640).

Brandon Witte, Chief Technology Officer & Founder of AR Sports, stated, "We are extremely excited about completing this important milestone. Building a robust intellectual property portfolio has always been one of the most important goals for our team. We are continuing to enhance the software platform and develop the augmented reality advertising system. Our patent portfolio blends two massive markets in fantasy sports and augmented reality. Both industries are expecting significant growth in the next 3-5 years and we are very optimistic in what the future will bring."

The company expects Augmented Reality Fantasy Sports will revolutionize the fantasy sports experience by moving player acquisition from traditional methods into augmented reality. Participants will be able to physically assemble their fantasy team as they encounter virtual sports figures in areas such as their living room, kitchen or backyard. Fantasy players will appear on the mobile device and can interact with the participant. The player ranking algorithm will ensure each participant has an equal shot at drafting the best athletes. 

AR Sports is developing a platform that will provide for both traditional season-long fantasy sports leagues as well as a week-to-week fantasy sports challenge. Participants in all leagues will use augmented reality to create and complete their roster (the "AR Sports system"). AR Sports is currently in talks with various entities for co-development and partnership.

Brandon Witte, Chief Technology Officer, said, "We are building the software system to integrate seamlessly into existing fantasy sports platforms. This would provide an additional, fun gaming experience, drive engagement and provide a new advertising revenue stream with in-game AR Advertising." 

The Augmented Reality Advertising system will enable advertisers to target participants using their geolocation in relation to stores, restaurants, and businesses. In addition, the system will be able to incorporate independent Augmented Reality logos that, if captured, give members coupons or promotions to their brands. The AR Advertising Analytics can track the cycle, from views to coupon redemption, providing powerful data.

About AR Sports

AR Sports ( is an Augmented Reality Fantasy Sports system designed to keep the traditions of fantasy sports while shifting player acquisition to augmented reality. The patented software system is designed to work for all professional and amateur sports with fantasy affiliations. The AR Sports system can be integrated into existing fantasy sports host sites or as a stand-alone app. Augmented Reality Fantasy Sports is intended to promote active play by incorporating participants' existing locations with geolocation technology. The software consists of patented interactive advertising via Augmented Reality that lets advertisers quantify views, interactions, and redemption of advertising promotions.


Brandon Witte, Chief Technology Officer

Source: AR Sports