Aquity Solutions Client-Rated #1 Virtual Scribes, Medical Transcription and Document Capture Solutions for 8th Consecutive Year, Black Book Survey

Black Book™, recognized for accurate, impartial customer satisfaction surveys in the healthcare services and software industries, conducted a comprehensive crowdsourced user poll to determine the highest-ranked medical transcription software systems and outsourced virtual scribe services. 

In total, 315 hospitals and 3,744 physician practices responded to the Black Book polls in Q2-Q3 2021, measuring how providers are dealing with future-proofing their technology, decreasing staffing costs, and resource shortages with state-of-the-art transcription software and outsourced solutions.

"Medical transcription has become a critical part of the clinical documentation process as vendors are tested with the challenges of supporting clients as they go through healthcare reform, extended COVID responses, and the progressive move toward value-based reimbursement," said Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book.

Studies evidenced that traditional EMR charting has led to reduced quality of the patient encounter as reported by 93% of physicians and 88% of office staff survey respondents, as well as clinician burnout reconfirmed by 98% of responding physicians. Ninety-two percent of healthcare consumers (patients) also surveyed in a Black Book panel poll indicated they are dissatisfied with the abbreviated time spent with their physician in their last exam, both in-office and through telemedicine.

Business office managers and physician administrators report, on average, 25% (or more) loss of practice revenue caused by increased down-coding and fewer patient visits, including telemedicine encounters, since 2019.

"When practices use virtual scribes, clinicians see significant reduction in time expended in non-clinical tasks, reduced queues for patient visits, improved documentation and coding quality, and enhanced patient satisfaction," said Brown.

Based on the aggregate client experience and customer satisfaction scores on 18 key performance indicators, Aquity ranked first across all 2021 surveyed subsets including:

  • Transcription Technology Software, Hospitals and Inpatient Facility Practitioners;
  • Transcription Technology Software, Physicians and Ambulatory Care;
  • Virtual/Outsourced Transcription Services, Hospitals and Inpatient Facilities, Practitioners, and
  • Virtual/Outsourced Transcription Services, Physicians and Ambulatory Care

"Aquity is recognized repeatedly for the success of the company because it has built on a winning combination of unparalleled customer service, innovative applications of technology, reliability and transparent processes by seamlessly integrating EHR and documentation workflow," said Brown.

About Black Book™

Black Book Market Research LLC provides medical transcription clients, healthcare IT users, media, investors, analysts, quality-minded vendors, and prospective software and services buyers with comprehensive comparison data of the industry's top respected and competitively performing solutions vendors. The largest user opinion poll of its kind in healthcare IT, Black Book™ collects over 900,000 viewpoints on information technology and outsourced services vendor performance annually. Black Book is internationally recognized for over 17 years of customer satisfaction and loyalty polling, particularly in technology, services and outsourcing industries.

Black Book™ founders, management and staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors covered and encompassed in this survey including Aquity Solutions, and Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media prior to vendor notification of rating results.

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Source: Black Book Research

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Black Book Market Research LLC, provides healthcare IT users, media, investors, analysts, quality minded vendors,prospective software system buyers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers with client experience competitive analysis and purchasing trends.

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