Aqqaint Brings Trust and Transparency to Peer-to-Peer Exchange With New Mobile App

Build trust networks and start exchanging products, services, and reviews safely.

Aqqaint, Inc. has announced the launch of its new social app, which provides its members with the ability to build trust networks to exchange products, services and reviews -- available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Aqqaint members can join for free and begin connecting with people they trust. Unlike traditional peer-to-peer exchanges where users exchange with strangers based on location, Aqqaint’s trust networks never extend beyond a second-degree connection from any given member. So users can rest easy knowing they have a mutual connection with anyone they might come into contact with.

Hailed as “Craigslist meets LinkedIn,” Aqqaint helps people buy and sell used goods, offer services and share reviews without sacrificing trust. With the app, members will be able to discover relationships to their powerful first and second-degree connections to find an item or service they have been looking for, while individuals who shop online can share honest product and service reviews with friends and family and stop relying on the fake or incentivized reviews found on popular review and e-commerce sites. Trusted networks also help to foster a more collaborative environment for those who may choose to loan or rent items to one another instead of purchasing them outright.

“Community trust has been the foundation of any successful sharing economy from Mesopotamia to the Modern Age,” said Steve Garofano, CEO and co-founder of Aqqaint, Inc. “Only recently have we accepted stranger-based, peer-to-peer exchanges to become the new normal, and it has resulted in scams, thefts and other problems. Ultimately, it’s time to integrate community back into the equation.”

The Aqqaint app features:

  • An innovative new trust network experience: connect with people you know and build a strong network of trust.

  • Relationship insights: Discover others in your network who share hobbies, interests or expertise that can deepen your connection.

  • Safe exchange: Sometimes peer-to-peer exchanges can be dangerous; always know who you are dealing with.

  • Data privacy: Aqqaint takes trust seriously, and that extends to protecting our customers' data. Aqqaint will never share data about our customers to any third party without their consent.

About Aqqaint, Inc.

Aqqaint Inc. is a veteran-owned business established with the goal of creating a safe way for people to exchange with their peers and to protect user data. It helps members create strong networks of first and second-degree connections to support buying, selling, loaning, renting, finding and reviewing products and services. Aqqaint’s patent-pending trust platform taps into over 10 years of experience analyzing social network structures for various organizations that rely on peer-to-peer exchange to operate. Aqqaint Inc. is based in Washington, D.C. and was founded in 2016. To learn more about Aqqaint Inc. visit


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To download the app, visit or find it in the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace after April 19.

Source: Aqqaint, Inc.

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About Aqqaint, Inc.

Aqqaint Inc. is a veteren-owned business established with the goal of creating trust networks for people to exchange with their peers and to protect user data.

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