APWireless Announces Its 4,000th Cell Site Lease Investment

APWireless, the leading global wireless telecommunications site lease investment firm, recently reached another milestone, having invested in its 4,000th cell site lease.

In 2010, APWireless began investing in cell site leases in the United States. Since then, the company has expanded into Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. To date, APWireless has deployed more than $500 million in its cell site lease investment business.

“2018 will be our eighth successive year of growth,” said Eric Overman, chief executive officer of APWireless. “Worldwide, APWireless is now recognized as a powerful and trusted ally by landlords, carriers and tower companies alike.”

Rather than purchasing physical wireless infrastructure, such as cell towers, APWireless invests in the cash rents paid by tower companies and carriers to landlords. Landlords receive a large, up-front cash payout in return for an assignment of their site lease. APWireless then turns around and offers tower companies and carriers financial and operational benefits.

To learn more about APWireless, please visit www.apwip.com.

About APWireless

Headquartered in San Diego, APWireless is the first global cell site lease investment firm. In addition to investing in ground and rooftop cell site leases worldwide, APWireless provides a range of services to landlords, tower companies and wireless carriers. For more information, visit www.apwip.com.

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