APSCA Annual General Meeting 2017

APSCA Incorporates in USA

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA), Inc. was held in Cologne, Germany on Dec. 4, 2017. During this meeting, the organization announced it will operate as an independent entity beginning Jan. 1, 2018 after recently incorporating in Washington D.C. 

“APSCA wishes to thank the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) for their foundational support throughout our first two years of operation and enabling a smooth transition for APSCA to become an independent organization,” says Rona Starr, ASPCA President and CEO.

The organization also announced that the following members were re-elected by their peers to the Executive Board:

·        Frank Dorssers – TUV Rheinland – B Category Member Representative

·        Greg Gardner – Arche Advisors – C Category Member Representative

The current APSCA Executive Board now consists of:

Stakeholder Board Representatives:

  • Avedis Seferian - WRAP (Chair)
  • Wesley Wilson - Wal-Mart (Vice-Chair)
  • Randy Rankin - Independent

A Member Representatives:

  • Rajan Kamalanathan - BV
  • Kevin Franklin - ELEVATE
  • Christophe Liebon - Intertek (Secretary)
  • Pierre-Yves Dupont - SGS
  • Fred Waelter - UL

B Member Representatives:

  • Antonio Astone - DNV-GL
  • Frank Dorssers - TUV Rheinland

C Member Representative:

  • Greg Gardner - Arche Advisors (Treasurer)

“APSCA has had a successful year delivering on our mission of increasing the value and effectiveness of independent social compliance audits by enhancing the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individuals and organisations performing them,” says Avedis Seferian, APSCA Executive Board Chair. “APSCA stakeholder working groups have successfully delivered the APSCA Code of Professional Conduct and Competency Framework for Auditors to the Executive Board for final sign off.  In addition, APSCA completed its first pilot of the Auditor Certification Examination process in Turkey in November,” adds Starr.

The learnings from this pilot are now being analysed, and will be ready to implement during the organization’s next pilot in China early 2018, with the aim to implement the Auditor Certification process in the third quarter of 2018.

What is APSCA

Founded in 2015, the Association for Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) is a member organization whose mission is to enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individual auditors and organizations performing independent social compliance audits, and to promote the use of independent social compliance audits as a tool to advance workplace conditions for workers globally. APSCA’s certification process will ensure auditors have consistent training, education, background checks, and demonstrated competencies.

For additional information and to receive updates on our work, visit our website www.theapsca.org, sign up to receive our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

Source: APSCA


APSCA is a practitioner led initiative pursuing goals which will enhance the professionalism, consistency and credibility of individual auditors and organizations performing independent social compliance audits.

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