Apraciti Announces the Launch of the 2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Industry Benchmarking Assessment in Partnership With the Medical Device Innovation Consortium

Leveraging Product Security Hub's platform, Apraciti Announces the Launch of the 2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Industry Benchmarking Assessment and Encourages all Medical Device Manufacturers to Participate

Apraciti, LLC, a leading provider of medical device cybersecurity services, has today announced the launch of the 2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Industry Benchmarking Assessment in Partnership with the Medical Device Innovation Consortium. The complimentary assessment is hosted by Product Security Hub, a platform and workplace for medical device cybersecurity, built for medical device manufacturers. 

"One of the goals we had in developing the original Joint Security Plan ("JSP") with the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council was to provide medical device manufacturers with information and tools to help them build and mature their product security programs to further protect patient safety. With the release of the 2nd Annual Assessment, we are continuing to support that mission and help drive the industry forward in such a critical domain," said Colin Morgan, Managing Director of Apraciti, LLC.   

Companies who take part in the survey will gain an understanding of their overall maturity rating, based on the JSP, as well as security domain ratings and details of how each question was answered. This will provide them the opportunity to assess their current position and determine areas for improvement.

"It's common for Product Security leaders to be asked how their program compares to their peers in the industry, or what aspects of the program should be prioritized to continuously improve. Participating in this assessment is a great starting point to help begin to answer these important questions," said Morgan.

The assessment can be found by navigating to the Product Security Hub Login Instructions page (https://productsecurityhub.com/product-security-hub-login-instructions/).

About Apraciti, LLC

Apraciti, LLC specializes in providing comprehensive cybersecurity services tailored specifically for medical device manufacturers. With a dedicated focus on product security, Apraciti offers services and expertise to help fortify the security of products and programs. Apraciti's mission is to ensure the cybersafety, reliability, and compliance of medical devices, thereby safeguarding patient safety and building trust in the healthcare industry. Please visit us at https://www.apraciti.com or follow on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/apraciti.

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Product Security Hub offers multiple solutions for medical device manufacturers to help manage cybersecurity across their program and products, such as ProdSecMaturity and ProdSecDesigner. With ProdSecMaturity, companies can assess the maturity of their company operations and processes, identify and plan goals, prioritize activities, and mature their cybersecurity program. Companies can also assess their organization's maturity on industry frameworks such as the FDA Pre-Market Cybersecurity Draft Guidance, FDA Post-Market Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices, EU MDCG Cybersecurity for Devices Regulatory Requirements and more. ProdSecDesigner enables design and development teams to inventory products, document components, analyze threats, manage requirements, and review residual risks.  For more information, please visit https://www.productsecurityhub.com or follow on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/productsecurityhub

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About Apraciti, LLC

Apraciti, LLC is a leading provider of medical device cybersecurity services.